Asking Friends to Help You Move is a Bad Idea



    When you decide to move, you’re embarking upon a new chapter in your life. It’s a decision not taken lightly and one that will probably leave you with mixed feelings, at least at first.

    There are many reasons to move. Maybe you just got a new job, or you want to be closer to your family. Maybe you’re moving to your dream destination. Whatever your reasons for moving, it’s understandably stressful when there are so many tasks to complete.

    Plus, the moving process isn’t exactly a walk in the park. When you move everything you own to a new place of residence, it’s quite an undertaking. There are going to be costs associated with moving. You may be tempted to ask your friends to help you move.

    Even so, moving is a process that is best handled by professionals, and this article will explain why. Here are several reasons why you should hire professional movers to help you move into your new home, apartment, or business.

    professional movers


    If you ask your friends to help you move, you’re running the risk of injury. If you and your friends are inexperienced at moving large items, you may use an incorrect lifting technique and throw your back out. Worse yet, a heavy item like a dresser or sofa could fall and hurt one of you. Most importantly, this could put someone close to you at risk. This could also have a big impact on your moving day.

    Professional movers are trained in safe lifting techniques and have experience moving large objects through narrow passageways, up and down stairs, and onto their trucks. They are also more physically equipped to perform the move as it’s their profession.

    They’ve built up the correct muscle groups to move items safely. When you hire professional movers, you avoid the risk of accidents hurting your friends, and you can enjoy your move-in day pain-free.


    There is a tried and true saying that says, “there is no substitute for experience.” This saying is shown to be true in many professions and is especially true when it comes to moving.

    A moving company has experience moving all types of items through many spaces. They can also solve potential problems, so your items don’t get damaged.

    If you’ve never moved a large couch out a door, down a flight of stairs, and onto a truck, how would you know how to do it safely and efficiently? When your friends help you move, you would have to figure out how to move a large couch bed through a small doorway and possibly damage the doorway along the way.

    The nice thing about professional movers is that their experience extends to all the little things. Movers know how to pack items and stack boxes so that they don’t move around in transit.

    They even know the best order to pack items into a truck because they’ve performed so many moves. There’s really no substitute for experience, so it’s best to hire those who have it to perform your move.


    If you’ve ever worked at a job where you perform the same task over and over, you understand the value of repetition. The more you do something, the quicker you’re able to do it since your body learns the steps and can perform them without even thinking. This doesn’t just apply to typing or opening boxes. It also applies to moving.

    Professional movers will be able to complete your relocation quickly and efficiently. This is because they’ve done it so many times, and they know the best ways to conduct the move. When you work with people with experience, you also work with people that know how to be efficient.


    Professional movers can perform your move quickly because of their experience. However, they’re also outfitted with the right equipment. Some equipment is obviously beneficial, like the moving truck itself. Even so, professional movers have all kinds of other helpful equipment that can make a move easier and keep your belongings safe. These include boxes, bubble wrap, and furniture pads.

    Some moving companies offer professional packing services, meaning they will come to your home and contain everything for you. This can eliminate one of the more time-consuming steps of moving. Movers can also use bubble wrap for any fragile items you may own and furniture pads to protect your furniture’s upholstery from getting scratched or ripped.

    When it comes to moving heavier items, professional movers have access to dollies and ramps. A dolly can wheel a large object or stack of boxes out to the moving truck, while a ramp can allow for clean passage down a slope instead of a drop. Once the items are in the truck, the movers can secure them in place with ratchet straps.

    You most likely do not have tools like ratchet straps or large amounts of bubble wrap at your disposal. With professional movers, you do not have to go through the hassle of both gathering this equipment and taking the time to use it.


    If you rent a moving truck yourself and get your friends to help you move, it might be cheaper in the short term. However, the process will take longer than if you hired a professional moving company. Thus, you have to ask yourself, how much is your time worth? How much is your friends’ time worth?

    Your friends may not ask for anything in return, but you may feel obligated to get them something anyway. Helping a friend move on a Saturday or Sunday isn’t an easy task, and it could take all day if you haven’t moved before. Hiring a moving company is more cost-effective in this regard. The movers will bring their own truck and equipment, as we’ve discussed above.

    They’ll also have the experience to perform your move swiftly and efficiently. The key benefit of movers is their knowledge of safe packing techniques. If you get your friends to help you, they may not know how to properly pack an expensive TV, an old piece of art, or a glass vase.

    Professional movers know how to protect your belongings, especially those that are expensive and/or mean the most to you. Professional packers can save you more money in the long run when belongings are packed with care and are moved safely and efficiently.

    By keeping your belongings safe, you don’t have to worry about replacing luxury items that may break during transit. In summary, hiring professional movers is more cost-effective in the long run.


    While professional movers are generally better at packing and handling fragile items, nobody is perfect. Accidents can and do happen. However, if your friend breaks one of your items, there’s very little you can do. If a professional mover breaks one of your items, insurance will likely cover it.

    Most moving companies have insurance policies, meaning if they break one of your precious items, they’ll cover the cost of a new one. This is something you should check and consider when you’re shopping around for various moving services. You can and should ask for proof of insurance from any prospective moving company. If they can provide that, then you know that you’ll be covered in the event of any unfortunate accidents.

    Professional Service

    It might seem obvious, but professional movers offer exceptional service. Their job is to serve you during your move. Movers come prepared with the right equipment, the right tools, and the right vehicle to make your move as smooth as possible. They will also work with you if you request any special considerations. This includes handling special items with extra care or disassembling furniture to make it easier to transport.

    On top of going the extra mile, professional movers are organized. They will arrive at a certain time with a checklist in hand. They’ll note every item that’s getting moved, from your cups to your living room couch. Some moving companies even offer unpacking services, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of unwrapping everything from its bubble wrap.

    The movers will transport your belongings to your new place of residence and help you unpack all your things once you arrive. It almost goes without saying, but there’s no contest between the type of service professional movers offer and your friends. Stick with the pros.

    Saves Time

    If you enlist your friends to help you move, there’s no telling how long it could take. If you can’t get everything moved in one trip, you may be stuck going back and forth between locations more than once. Your time is precious, and hiring movers will help you preserve some of it. Professional movers are experienced, organized, and efficient.

    Plus, they have a vested interest in completing your move as quickly as possible. Saving time will allow you to focus on other aspects of your new life. That’s much better than hauling your furniture back and forth with a couple of friends.

    Reduces Stress

    Moving includes having more things to do than you have time to complete, and you don’t know how you’re going to get everything done. We just covered how hiring professionals can help you save time and stress.

    You have many things to worry about when moving to a new location. Thus, it would be a breath of fresh air to let someone else with relevant experience handle your move for you. Once the movers begin the process, you’ll likely feel a sense of relief.

    Allows You to Focus On Your Move

    Putting aside the logistics of moving, there are several administrative tasks that you need to handle. These can include things like meeting with a realtor or inspector if you’re selling the home.

    You may also need to meet with the new buyers of your old home or your attorney if you need to hammer out any contract details. There’s also the matter of getting your mail and utilities switched over to your new place.

    All of these tasks take time and require one’s full attention. If you hire professional movers, you can be fully present in the moment without wondering how your favorite crystal vase is going to make it to your new home in one piece. You’ll appreciate this, your family will thank you, and your friends will likely breathe a sigh of relief, too!

    Get Settled into Your New Place Quickly

    The whole point of moving to a new home or apartment is to begin your new life. Most people would prefer to do that sooner rather than later. It’s especially important to get settled in quickly if you need to be at work within days of your move. Professional movers can expedite the moving process, which in turn can help you get settled in quicker.

    This is where unpacking services come in. If you want to get everything in its right place as soon as possible, you can pay professional movers to help you unpack your things and place them in your location.

    Once everything is where it’s supposed to be, you can begin your new life in your new place in earnest.

    Redefyne Moving

    As we’ve covered at length above, there are numerous reasons to hire professional movers instead of asking your friends to help you move. Some of those reasons are experience, safety training, correct equipment, insurance, and of course, a personal touch.

    In addition to that, when you hire professional movers, you’ll save time, reduce your stress, and free yourself up to focus on other, more important issues related to your new location.

    Hiring professional movers is cost-effective and can help you get settled into your new place more quickly. If you’re moving, you need movers who have experience, training, and accountability.

    Redefyne Moving and Storage is a reliable, highly-rated, full-service moving company. We’re always ready to serve you at our Portland, Oregon office. If you’re in the area and need movers, give us a call at 503-960-0544. You can also visit our contact page to get a free quote today!

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    Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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