How Moving to Portland Oregon Could Change Your Life



    Moving to Portland, Oregon is a decision that could completely change your path in life. This city brings together some incredible qualities to make for one amazing place to live.

    From the vibrant and creative culture to the powerhouse economy, the city excels in both inclusivity and industry. Let’s not forget the natural beauty of the stunning Pacific Northwest. This may be what underpins the citywide commitment to sustainability, which also contributes to the low cost of living for such a massive city.

    Of course, relocating to Portland or even thinking about the process may leave you with a number of questions. After all, if you want to relocate to a city like this to change your life for the better, you need to organize a trip that’s as enjoyable as the destination.

    We here at Redefyne Moving know that Portland could redefine your future, and set the course for you to write a new chapter in life. We aim to make it the best one yet, by providing you with the best relocation experience around. Our Portland, Oregon moving company is passionate about the area, and exceeding customer expectations.

    Here we’ll discuss some of the perks of putting down roots in Portland, along with how you can go about the process smoothly.


    Portland Oregon buildings at night

    Why More People Are Moving to Portland Oregon

    The aptly named City of Roses is certainly blossoming in terms of its population size. Over 600,000 residents call it home, with the city seeing over 23 percent population growth in the last two decades.

    According to Census Data, Portland gains about 30,000 residents annually. This translates to 578 new people weekly, or 82 per day!

    Such an influx of new faces greatly contributes to some of Portland’s best qualities. It’s diverse, fast-growing, innovative, and perhaps most importantly, fun. If you’ve ever wondered “Is Portland a nice place to live,” then these hundreds and thousands of new residents would answer with an overwhelming yes.

    Upon relocating to Portland or even just visiting to check the area out, you’ll instantly see where the hype comes from. Portland is a place that transforms lives, because it brings together so many of the most important things in life like nature, industry, and community.

    Beautiful Natural Scenery to Explore

    When you think about a major metropolitan area like Portland, it’s easy to picture concrete jungles where the only thing growing around you is the constantly expanding skyline of buildings.

    However, this city is situated right in the Pacific Northwest, where forests with rich vegetation are plentiful. This means you’ll always have some natural wonders to set your sights on – or better yet, to explore. Portland has a whopping 325 parks, meaning there’s always a new one to visit or rediscover. You can visit them to:

    • Check out diverse species of flora and fauna
    • Exercise by walking, jogging, biking, or hiking
    • Enjoy picnics and quality time with loved ones

    With 90 percent of the population regardless of age or income level being within a 10-minute walk of a park, you can always escape the city and retreat to the beauty of nature when the mood strikes. Being this connected with and in tune with nature could change your life, working wonders for your health and mood.

    Thriving and Innovative Businesses

    While you may like to escape to nature every now and then, the city brings its own charm. The bustling excitement has a special type of appeal, especially with so much innovation happening all around.

    It’s fitting that in such a forested area, “Silicon Forest” would emerge. Not too far from the famous Silicon Valley in California, you’ll find quite the hotbed of tech development right here in Portland. Names like Apple, Intel, Logitech, HP, and more all have offices in the city.

    This incredible climate for industry progress and innovation is every bit as motivating as it is fascinating. Whether you work in the tech field or some other, you may feel an added sense of drive and inspiration when you move your business to Portland. With a lot of local business support, no sales tax, and affordable utility costs, the city is a prime spot where entrepreneurs can thrive.

    A Culture Built on Sustainability

    Another one of Portland’s crowning achievements is its commitment to sustainability and planning. These efforts support the area’s focus on industry, providing balance and serving to protect its natural beauty. Some of the main focuses of these efforts include:

    • Creation and distribution of clean energy tech
    • City-wide waste management solutions
    • Long-term climate action

    These efforts make Portland a better, healthier, and fairer place to live. The equitable approach ensures all areas of the city get the attention they deserve, and that the city’s appeal is preserved for future generations. Not only that, but it helps to improve the area’s appeal to continually fuel population and industry growth.

    Gorgeous, industrious, and clean – that’s the picture of West Coast perfection that is Portland. Need a moving partner? We’re the perfect choice. Redefyne Moving offers the professional, efficient, trustworthy services you need when moving to Portland Oregon. Contact us today.

    What’s There to Do Once You Move?

    Portland Oregon sign

    Once you finish relocating to Portland or even just research the city’s businesses and organizations, you’ll find the area offers plenty to do.

    When people think to themselves, “I want to move to Portland, Oregon,” they imagine a place that can change and improve their life. This involves changing your routine, feeding your curiosity, and growing your interests.

    Portland provides all the amenities you need for a spontaneous and fulfilling life. Here are a few ways you can spend your time and energy.

    Feast at Amazing Restaurants and Food Carts

    If there’s one thing that can improve your quality of life, mainly by improving your mood, it’s a great meal. Portland offers so many wonderful and diverse meal options, you’ll be able to treat your taste buds no matter what you like. And who knows – you could discover a new favorite cuisine style, dish, or spot once you move here.

    You’ll find dozens of restaurants and food carts, each offering something special and memorable. Whether you want to sit down for a gourmet meal or grab a quick bite on the go, Portland has scrumptious selections on the menu. You can appreciate exquisite eats at Casa Zoraya and St. Jack, or eat up with some enduring culinary classics at Lovely’s Fifty Fifty and Kee’s Loaded Kitchen.

    There’s representation for a diverse array of culinary options including American, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, and more. You can also quench your thirst at one of the many cafes, wineries, and breweries around.

    Check Out Portland’s Events and Festivals

    In such a big place with so much excitement, it should come as no surprise that there’s always something going on. If you’re moving to Portland, Oregon, make sure you mark your calendar. There are many amazing events and festivals that you won’t want to miss. Some of the most popular include:

    • Portland Rose Festival: One of the biggest events in “The City of Roses,” this one takes place in late May and early June. It includes a parade, carnival, live music, and other activities.
    • Portland Art Museum’s Free First Thursday: On the first Thursday of every month, the Portland Art Museum offers free admission, making it a perfect time to check out the location especially if it’s your first time.
    • Portland Saturday Market: An open-air market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from March through December, this is a perfect spot to meet, enjoy, and support the community. It features local artists, food vendors, and musicians.
    • Oregon Brewers Festival: This festival takes place in July and features over 80 different types of beer from breweries across the state.
    • Portland Book Festival: This festival is held in November and features authors from all across the nation doing readings, holding discussions, and conducting book signings.

    No matter what you’re interested in, you’re bound to find an event or festival to celebrate it with in Portland. That’s what’s great about living in such a big area. You can find your people, and share in amazing memories with them. If you haven’t found your passions yet or are interested in exploring another, this city is the perfect place to do so.

    Search and Score From Portland’s Shopping Scene

    For some people, shopping is like therapy. There’s nothing better than scoring a deal or stumbling upon a rare treasure that you can take home and enjoy. With sprawling malls, upscale boutiques, and specialty shops, Portland is a shopper’s dream – the only question is, where will you go first?

    MadeHere PDX celebrates the area’s own vendors and artisans, with unique jewelry, clothing, home decor, and furniture. How about The Meadow, where you can browse chocolate, bitters, and pantry goods, as well as flowers and botanicals? If you want to shop apparel, check out Wildfang, a woman’s clothing and accessory shop that offers styles for everyone, and also donates a portion of profits to various organizations.

    When you find items you love in stores that go above and beyond, it’s an experience you can’t put a price on. Whether you want to search for something specific or just explore and see what you can find, Portland’s shops are open for business.

    Ready to Move to Portland? Call Our Skilled Movers

    The thought of moving to Portland, Oregon likely makes you excited, especially if you want to visit any of the destinations we’ve listed here. But first there’s the matter of actually making the trip. How can you simplify the process of getting yourself, your loved ones, and all your belongings to this city?

    The best way to manage the process is to enlist the help of a trusted Portland, Oregon moving company. Our skilled team can help you with packing, storage, loading, and transport of your belongings. We use top-quality moving materials, and will even help you unload and unpack once we arrive at your Portland destination.

    By calling on us to assist you, you take a great deal of the stress and strain from the process. We’ll handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the planning portion. With our experts providing all the services you need and taking care of your property, you’ll save time, money, and worry when you relocate.

    Our team is licensed, insured, rated an A+ with the BBB, and highly reviewed by previous customers. Portland could change your life – and our moving services can give you a positive relocation experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

    You know why to move to Portland. As for how to move to Portland, leave that to us. We’re passionate about the area, and we’re passionate about giving you the best experience when it’s time for you to relocate. Contact us today and we’ll start you off with a free estimate.

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