Why the Name Redefyne?

When it comes to moving, most people think of stress and headaches. However, moving is something that should be memorable. Whether it be an upgrade or downsizing, we would like to help start the new chapter of our customer’s life off right with a move done well. Even if our customer is moving for non-ideal reasons, he/she should still have someone they can rely on. Our goal is to eliminate the stress and headaches, and help our customers have a smooth, and enjoyable moving experience (at least, to the best of our ability). The name is a play on spelling, with the hope that it makes our company more memorable. Let us redefine your moving experience.

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About Our Local Moving & Storage Company

Redefyne Moving is a locally owned and operated moving & storage company located in the City of Portland. It was founded in 2009 by Aaron Schaller with the intention of paying his college tuition. With a few moving pads, a furniture dolly, a rental truck, along with a couple buddies, he was able to build the successful company we are today. His idea was to start a company where customers and employees were treated fairly. Aaron has based his company on customer service, and prides himself on the customer service his team offers. Currently we have a large staff, and a large warehouse capable of comfortably storing customer belongings. With our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, we are equipped to handle both local moves, and long distance moves across the country. We are committed to making your move easier and are dedicated to transporting your belongings safely. Our team of experienced movers are hand selected, extensively trained, and all have passed background checks and drug screenings. Redefyne Moving understands what integrity means, and knows how to get the job done right.
“I take pride in working with other families and businesses in the community. Moving can be stressful and it’s my goal to remove as much of that stress as possible. We will take care of all your moving needs, so leave the heavy lifting and flights of stairs to us. Our team is ready to go; above and beyond your expectations.” ~ Aaron Schaller, Owner Redefyne Moving & Storage
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