Master the Moving Mindset During Your Move to Portland



    “Should I move to Portland?”

    If this question is on your mind, it’s likely to be followed by many others. After all, the process of relocating brings with it enough concerns to fill the back of a moving truck and then some.

    You’re probably wondering what the area has to offer. You’re likely concerned with protecting your property, staying on schedule, and being cost-efficient with your relocation planning.

    To make your move to Portland easy and even enjoyable, you need two things. The first is a trusted team of Portland movers, and the second is the right mindset. More specifically, you need to remember how a few of the best mental attitudes out there apply to moving.

    “Everything is Temporary, So Enjoy the Process”

    Perhaps the only true constant in life is change. The good aspects of life are temporary, so it’s important to savor them. Likewise, the parts of life we don’t favor are also temporary, so we can minimize their sting by remembering they won’t last forever.

    Now apply this to your move to Portland. Rather than dreading moving day, you may actually find that, given its fleeting nature, it has a certain charm that’s to be enjoyed while it lasts.

    Navigating the Moving Day Environment

    The question of “should I move to Portland,” is often asked alongside, “do I really want to move?”

    That’s because the relocation process itself is often seen as a big drawback of this decision, sometimes outweighing the allure of the destination.

    Most people picture their home full of boxes, with furniture pulled out into the floor and people moving about constantly. While it’s true that moving will put your life in a temporary state of flux, the process can be made much more orderly.

    We’ll send the right team for the job, so you won’t be short on help nor will you have to worry about too many people crowding the location and slowing things down. We’ll also provide all the appropriate packing supplies, so your items will be loaded and transported safely.

    In this regard, moving day is a relief of sorts. You can feel comfortable and content knowing you’ve got our dedicated movers to protect and prioritize your property as you move to Portland.

    Your New Home is a Fresh Start

    “Should I move to Portland? Will I really like it there?”

    Many people feel nervous about acclimating to their new environment, learning their way around, and cultivating that true sense of belonging.

    But remember, even this awkward feeling of newness is only temporary. The more you explore Portland, the more you discover the city’s best features. Key highlights include:

    • Gorgeous natural scenery for outdoor recreation
    • A thriving atmosphere for businesses of all sizes
    • A community commitment to sustainability and planning
    • Plenty of fun events and unique festivals
    • A wide variety of of dining and shopping options

    Moving to Portland or nearby puts you in a prime location to immerse yourself in one of the country’s top communities for engagement and diversity. Given there’s so much to do, you’ll never run out of options, so you can preserve that feeling of spontaneity and freshness even after you settle in.

    “Stay Positive, No Matter the Circumstances”

    One of the key concepts to note when it comes to mindset is the idea of mind over matter. This is to say that no matter what’s happening around us, it’s our assessment and judgment of the situation that will determine our experience.

    When you’re moving, some stress is natural. But maintaining a positive mindset can serve you well even when things aren’t going according to plan.

    Be Flexible by Being Proactive

    When you’re putting your life in a state of purgatory and living in limbo between two locations, it’s easy to feel a little on edge. After all, you’ve lost your stability and familiarity for the time being, and even if you know it’s temporary, what happens when there’s a delay or something goes wrong?

    There are many potential hold-ups that can halt the progress of your move. What if the new location isn’t ready as quickly as you hoped? Or you’re still wrapping up tasks and obligations in your current location before departing?

    One solution here is to start early. The more time you have to plan, the better off you’ll be, and the more time you’ll have to adjust if any surprises arise. But there are also strategies you can use to minimize your worries even if you’re moving on short notice.

    Consider Minimalism to Make Moving Easier

    Many people who maintain a positive and calm mindset do it by minimizing the clutter in their lives, both mentally and physically. If you’re ready to move, consider downsizing and offloading belongings that you don’t need to take with you.

    “Should I move to Portland? I have so much stuff, what about the items I don’t need?”

    Our professional storage services are highly helpful for providing temporary space to protect your items. This can help if the unexpected happens, or when you want to lighten the load during your move. It’s beneficial when:

    • Your move is delayed
    • You don’t want to bring everything
    • You don’t need certain items right away

    Less is more in some cases. For example, the less you have to search for moving partners, the more money and time you’ll save – lucky for you, we provide comprehensive solutions. Contact our movers for packing, loading, storage, and more! Reach out to get your free estimate.

    Keep the End Goal in Mind

    Even the most positive and upbeat of individuals may become disheartened when they’re in the thick of moving day. Imagine you’re staring at your former house, with boxes being carried out by the dozen. You’re a little tired and you’re feeling anxious about the new location.

    The solution? Maintain your vision. When you remember why you’re moving, the entire process will seem worth it.

    Think about all the fantastic things that await you in Portland, or wherever you’re heading. If you’re making a move with family, think about how this is an opportunity for you all to build a life in a better place. If you’re moving your business, consider how successful you could become in this new area.

    The moving process then becomes a means to an end. It’s the beginning of a journey with a great destination. With our movers managing the logistics for you, you can enjoy every mile of the trip.

    “Never Be Afraid to Ask for Help”

    While some people are strong individualists and there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone encounters situations where they need to ask for help. Especially for technical and strenuous tasks like moving, it’s always a good idea to call the experts.

    Moving will seem much less daunting if you go at it with a skilled team behind you. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, you’ll feel in control, with our Portland movers at your service and ready to deliver your ideal relocation experience.

    Pick the Right People for the Job

    “Should I move to Portland? If I do, I could always ask my friends to help me pack.”

    For a personal task like moving, many people are hesitant to ask for help. In some cases, the only people they are willing to trust are those that they have a personal connection with.

    However, asking friends, family, or neighbors for help moving can cause many problems. Not only could your belongings end up damaged, but someone may end up injured. By calling on our moving experts for help, you get a team that’s:

    • Fully licensed and trained in top moving methods
    • Insured to provide a double layer of protection
    • Highly rated by previous customers
    • Experienced with a decade in the industry

    Our moving specialists can handle your move to Portland with ease, providing you with all the services you need to get you moved quickly, safely, and efficiently.

    Don’t Overload Yourself and Take on Too Much

    Moving is a major change in life that will leave you with plenty to think about. Your new area, the tasks you have to complete along the way, and how it will impact those around – these are all considerations that come up during a move.

    One benefit of asking for help is that you avoid overloading yourself. Even if you prefer to handle your packing or loading, we provide standalone services to supplement and complete your moving experience. It’s all part of our commitment to being the best movers in Portland and helping you get the optimal relocation experience.

    “Prioritize Self-Care Because It’s Essential”

    Your mental attitude can impact your physical health, and vice versa. Especially during a very involved process like moving, it’s important to prioritize both.

    Moving can be a process that seems to put your life in overdrive. Days may seem to fly by on route to the big event, and once it comes, you may realize you forgot some things along the way.Self-care allows you to keep a cool head all the way up to moving day and during it. This makes it more likely you’ll enjoy the experience, and less likely you’ll forget anything or get overwhelmed.

    How can you prioritize yourself? There are several ways you can be good to yourself during this time, and reap the benefits of a more focused and centered mindset. Some moving self-care tips include:

    • Pack an essentials box of food, snacks, and other important items that will bring you nourishment and comfort during moving day
    • Spend time with those closest to you during this time, and don’t forget to take time and say goodbye to friends and acquaintances you’re moving away from
    • Consider ways to reward yourself when you get to your new location, and celebrate the fact you made it through this experience

    Remember, the question is not, “is Portland worth moving to,” but rather, “should I move to Portland?” You’re the priority. You’re making this move to better your life, so make sure you prioritize yourself and stay healthy during this time.

    Redefyne Moving Cares About Your Experience

    With Redefyne Moving by your side, it’s much easier to focus on your health, your family, and your future destination. We’ll handle the logistics of the move, such as:

    • Providing professional moving supplies
    • Providing a clean moving truck
    • Sending a skilled team to handle your items
    • Unpacking and unloading at your destination

    With us handling the heavy lifting and the logistics of your move, you’ll be able to keep a positive and focused attitude, which will make your move to Portland all the more enjoyable, both during the trip and after you arrive.

    Your Mindset Can Define Your Move to Portland

    It could be said that objectively, Portland is an amazing city and moving is a very unique task. But no matter the city or the trip there, your mindset can make all the difference in your move.

    By remembering the temporary nature of moving, you can come to enjoy the unique process and get excited about exploring your new city. If you make a commitment to stay positive, know that this can help you handle any challenges that arise during the move.

    Traveling light and focusing on the destination are both smart strategies for making your move more enjoyable. But the absolute best way to move to Portland or anywhere else is to call on our skilled moving team to help you.

    We’ve got the technical expertise to protect your property, so you don’t get overloaded with work or overwhelmed with worry. This will allow you to prioritize your mental, physical, social, and financial wellbeing during the moving process.

    “Should I move to Portland?” If you’re tossing this question around in your mind, feel free to call and talk about it with us.

    Redefyne Your Move and Your Mindset

    Redefyne Moving is here to help you redefine what it means to move. If you were worried about the trip there, your worries end here. Our skilled movers are:

    We’ll help you think of relocating in a different way. Rather than being a chaotic process you have to take on alone, it’s a team effort that can be planned in your ideal way so you enjoy the experience from start to finish.

    Ready to move to Portland? Contact us today for a free quote, and move with peace of mind!

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    Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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