Top 10 Benefits of Moving to Portland, OR


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    Did you know that Portland gains about 30,000 residents every year?

    Located in the northwest of Oregon, Portland is a center of a unique culture and scenic points of interest. It’s also the 10th fastest growing city in the United States. If you’re looking to relocate to Oregon, the city of Portland can make a good home for you.

    Whether you’re moving for personal or work reasons, the city has so much to offer. Here is why moving to Portland is a good idea.

    1. Experience Every Season

    Want to get a feel of all the four seasons?

    Some states only have summer and winter and this can be quite monotonous. Moving to Portland means you get to enjoy all four seasons throughout the year.

    Spring in Portland brings continuous rain showers along with instances of clear skies and sunshine. The temperatures are also mild and friendly. Due to this temperate climate, you will witness the flowers in full bloom as early as March.

    As for Portland summers, you can expect temperatures to pick in August before starting to cool in September. You can take advantage of the warm climate and explore the various trails and hiking spots.

    In fall, Portland becomes colorful as the leaves begin changing color to orange, yellow, or red.

    Winter is the coolest season in Portland. You’ll experience mostly cloudy skies and frequent rain showers. You may even witness a Portland snow day.

    You can take up a snow activity or just cozy up to a fireplace. No matter what season you decide to move to Portland, ensure you pack and relocate with the right items.

    2. Breathtaking Natural Beauty

    If you love nature, Portland is the best place to call home. The city experiences rain all year, ensuring the greenery around you always blooms. This allows you to enjoy the view of healthy trees throughout the year.

    From the scenic coastline and beautiful waterfalls to picturesque snow-capped volcanoes, you won’t ever have a dull day if you move to Portland. These natural views are a sight to behold.

    You can explore the miles and miles of wilderness trails abound in Forest Park. If you want to catch a glimpse of wildlife, Columbia Slough is the place to visit.

    Other natural wonders include Crater Lake, Mount Hood, Cape Kiwanda, Mount St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument, and more.

    3. Multiple Job Opportunities

    Portland is not only a good place to live but also a great place to pursue your career. The city has a pretty decent job market. Portland job opportunities are in surplus due to thriving industries like:

    • High Tech
    • Manufacturing
    • Athletic & Outdoor Apparel
    • Healthcare
    • Wholesale Trade
    • Software IT

    You can look for employment in one of these large companies and grow your career. The city also made the list of cities with high-paying jobs in the engineering and technology sectors.

    What’s more, if you’re looking to set up your small business, there’s no place like Portland. Your business has plenty of room for growth since the city is big on local support for neighborhood businesses.

    4. Exciting Outdoor Activities in Portland

    While work is a big part of life, it doesn’t have to take up most of your whole life. When you’re not at work, it’s important to have some fun. Outdoor activities in Portland give you a chance to unwind after a long, busy week.

    If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, Mount Hood is the place to visit. The massive terrains around it are covered with snow all year long. You can also go hiking in the Pacific Northwest with trails cushioned in towering trees and picturesque waterfalls.

    Although the city is located inland, its location at the fork of 2 major rivers allows you to take part in water activities like swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, and more. What’s more, the Portland International Rose Test Garden is the best place for birding, sightseeing, and strolling.

    If you want to you want your kids to have fun-filled weekends, moving to Portland allows you access to Oregon Zoo, Oaks Amusement Park, Blue Lake Park, and more.

    5. No Sales Tax for You to Worry About

    Sales taxes are usually imposed on retail transactions and particular services. In the U.S., sales tax laws for states aren’t subject to federal regulation, and every state has control over its base sales tax. Oregon is among the five states that don’t impose a sales tax.

    This means when you move to Portland you will enjoy the no sales tax perk. You will be able to pay less money out-of-pocket for each purchase. The lack of sales tax covers the relatively high-income tax and Portland real estate market prices.

    Once you move to the city, you need to manage your income well and reduce the number of your property investments. It’ll help you get the most out of the no sales tax incentive.

    6. The Food and Coffee Scene

    Portland is also known for its diverse and delicious cuisine from many cultures all over the world. While the city doesn’t have a single iconic food, you can sample various must-taste delicacies.

    Whether you’re craving sweet treats, barbecue, curries, or noodles, there is a wide variety of foods to tickle your taste buds

    From high-end restaurants to food truck pods, you can get quality meals anywhere in the city. If you’re on special, alternative diets, the city has spots for vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free food options.

    In case you fancy great home-cooked meals, you can get fresh, local ingredients at the Portland Farmers Market.

    If you love coffee, Portland also has one of the most intimate and relaxed coffee scenes. You can enjoy specialty coffee at spots like Water Avenue Coffee, Heart Coffee Roasters, Sterling Coffee Roasters, Coava Coffee Roasters, and more.

    7. Beer and Wine Scene

    Is it worth moving to Portland? If you’re a true beer and wine lover, moving to “The City of Roses” is a good idea. The city is a haven for beer lovers with about 70 breweries.

    Many of these breweries have won accolades for their consistency in crafting high-quality beers. Whether you want a taste of the mainstays like the hoppy IPA or new arrivals, Portland beers are set to knock your socks off.

    From urban wineries and wine bars to expansive vineyards in Willamette Valley, living in Portland also means your wine scene never runs dry. While it’s known to produce the best Pinot Noir, you can also enjoy other wine varieties like Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, and more.

    8. Cycling is a Big Deal

    The city of Portland is one of the best places to own a bike. This may be due to its well-planned system of bike trails and roads as well as its manageable size.

    If you move into the area, you can start cycling to work or when you run your errands. You can also join the bike clubs.

    Cycling can help you escape the bad traffic that’s sometimes witnessed in the area. This way you can get to your destination fast and without any hassle. You can also save money on gas.

    What’s more, cycling in Portland has a lot of health benefits. Studies show that you can reduce the risk of death from any cause by 41% if you take up cycling.

    It can help strengthen your heart muscles and lower your resting pulse. This means you can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

    9. Environmentally Friendly

    Living in Portland means living in an environmentally friendly state. The city has a low carbon footprint since half its power comes from renewable sources.

    The Oregon state government has introduced environmental legislation, promoting renewable energy sources, recycling programs, and energy-efficiency standards. Most buildings in the city are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and there are over 200 green roofs.

    Residents in Portland also contribute to taking care of their city. Some of them cycle, carpool, use public transportation and don’t litter. This helps reduce global warming emissions.

    Furthermore, most land in Oregon is federally owned. This allows public access to land in Portland and limits the degradation of the environment through commercial development.

    10. Diverse Sports

    Moving to Portland means you get to enjoy a great sports scene. From soccer and football to basketball, you can take part in or become a fan of any sports activity

    The city has a thriving fútbol culture nurtured by Portland’s Timber and Thorns. This is why it’s sometimes referred to as “Soccer City, U.S.A.”

    You can also get a regular chance to visit the city’s NBA team— Portland Trail Blazers. The team has achieved success in the league, making the playoffs 34 times and winning one championship.

    Other sports teams in the area include the Winterhawks Hockey League, Rose City Rollers, and more. Whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just looking to enjoy the city’s sports culture, Portland has a fun and competitive sports spirit.

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