Moving from Portland to Seattle

Are you planning to move to the Pacific Northwest to experience what many call the “Emerald City” of America? For many people, moving to Seattle has been a lifelong dream. The affordability of downtown living is enticing to many. The fact that the city offers everything a big city does, but has a smaller footprint and more comfortability than other major cities makes Seattle a dream destination for many people.

Seattle is a city of opportunity and growth. As the chief city of Washington, it has something for everyone — including emerging technologies, top-rated schools and universities, diverse neighborhoods, plentiful career opportunities, and a vibrant food scene. If you decide to move from Portland to the sunny paradise of Seattle, Redefyne Moving can take care of all your moving needs. Seattle is a beautiful city, and we’re here to provide moving tips and hacks and make your move as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Contact us anytime with any concerns or questions.

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Why Move To Seattle, WA

Welcome to the fastest-growing city in the West! Seattle, Washington is a gorgeous city surrounded by wilderness, water, and mountains. From the Salish Sea and Puget Sound to the stunning Mount Rainier looming in the distance, this is an urban center with a soaring spirit. It’s also home to the largest technology companies in the world and the country’s hub for coffee shops and restaurants. The city provides a number of opportunities for living and working that are second to none.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the top benefits of moving to Seattle:

Thriving Job Market

An exciting job opportunity is one of the best reasons to move to Seattle. From promising startups to world-famous tech corporations like Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing, Seattle’s job market makes the city stand out. It has become a hub for high-paying tech jobs, making it a desirable location for millennials and new graduates. Besides tech-related jobs, you can also have opportunities in healthcare, restaurants, and many other industries.

Regarding salary, the median household income in the city is $95,145 — which is much higher than the national average. Perhaps, a perfect place for those looking for exciting opportunities and increasing their salary.

Manageable Cost of Living

Seattle is one of the most expensive cities in the country, but it’s also one of the best places to live. The cost of living is high because of the high quality of life that Seattle offers its residents. However, compared to San Francisco or New York City, this metropolis is still less expensive to live in. For instance, the cost of health, utilities, or groceries is average or lower. Additionally, the average household income is higher than in other cities in the country. Thus, you have enough to cover your expenses.

Tons of Things To Do

While living in this charming, coastal metropolis, you’ll never run out of things to do. From the mountains and water to the arts and sports and beyond, Seattle has it all. With its temperate climate, it boasts of a vast array of outdoor activities. From iconic sculptures in Fremont to sailing on Puget Sound and exploring the heights of the Cascade Mountains, residents can enjoy access to a variety of experiences throughout the city.

There are also numerous events happening year-round, from parades and fairs to music or food festivals. The city also has many museums and art galleries that showcase local artists. When winter hits, you can also hit the slopes of Crystal Mountain Resort or savor the breathtaking panoramic views.

Flourishing Housing Market

Aside from being a beautiful city, Seattle is also one of the fastest-growing cities in America — and its thriving housing market reflects that. Housing in Seattle has become increasingly valuable as the city continues to grow. If you consider moving to this place, there are plenty of available housing options. You can find everything from luxury homes on Lake Washington to condominiums downtown and everything in between. There are also many different neighborhoods throughout the city — some with more affordable houses or condos than others.

If you plan to buy, there are more houses available for sale. In the future, you can sell it at a much higher price — as prices tend to keep climbing over time. When you aren’t inclined to buy a property, it’s actually possible to find affordable rentals, depending on the location. For example, you can find condos for rent in the most affordable neighborhoods like Rainier View and Innis Arden.

Beautiful Weather

Even in the rainiest seasons, Seattle is sunny compared to other cities. It’s one of the best cities in the US for clear skies and sunny days. There is still plenty of rain during the winter months, but the summers are entirely different. With an average temperature of 75 degrees and 150 days of sunshine a year, plus having one of the lowest humidity in the country, it’s easy to see why locals wouldn’t trade summertime for anything. You can indulge in various outdoor pursuits in the summer with a rainforest-like setting of lush foliage and green skies.

Foodie City

A global epicurean mecca, Seattle is known for its cosmopolitan restaurants, award-winning chefs, trendy microbreweries, and hundreds of coffee shops. For instance, the Seattle University District thrives with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and nightlife favorites. The place is ideal for the social foodie and anyone with a burning desire to experience a melting pot of flavors and culture.

Move To Seattle With the Help of Redefyne Moving

Moving from Portland to Seattle can be demanding and stressful. You’ll have to consider several factors, including packing and transporting your belongings. At Redefyne Moving, we can assist you with all the planning, packing, and hassles of moving. Our professional movers are hard-working, and we back them with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. We’re proud of our services; that’s why we offer a free estimate for our customer. Contact us today to discuss your next move.

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Corry and Brendan did my move and they were great! Super quick and efficient. They handled all the stairs like champs and didn’t complain once. Very communicative and reliable. Redefyne was by far the best choice I could have made.

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Redefyne helped me with move-in labor in my new apartment, with three flights of stairs as the only means of access. They were prompt, professional, courteous and time-conscious. I was so happy with their services I happily recommended them to my boss at work, and would also do so for friends and family.

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Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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