Moving from Portland to Los Angeles

Don’t get us wrong, Portland is a great city and there are plenty of reasons to stay put. But, if you’re considering a move from Portland to the City of Angels, we think you’ll appreciate what Los Angeles has to offer. After all, it’s Los Angeles!

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About Los Angeles

Who doesn’t want to have a taste of the City of Angels? Los Angeles is known for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, epic nightlife and entertainment options, exciting outdoor activities, and access to world-class dining.

Home to more than 3.8 million people, Los Angeles has something for everyone. La La Land is the largest city in the state of California and the second most populous city in the United States. The city is known to be the center of film and television production, with some of the most iconic movies and TV shows having been filmed here.

Los Angeles is also home to a diverse population, with over 44.9% being white, 8.6% African American, 0.9% Native American and Alaskan Native, 11.7% Asian, 0.2% Pacific Islander, and 33.7% people of mixed race or ethnicity.

It is also home to the world’s famous Hollywood sign, Universal Studios, Griffith Observatory and many more.

Climate in Los Angeles

If you love the sun, you will love Los Angeles. Its location in the Southern California region means that its climate is mostly mild and sunny year-round with cooler temperatures during wintertime months. The average temperature in LA ranges from highs of 84 degrees Fahrenheit to lows of 46 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities like surfing, running, or just relaxing on the beach. It experiences zero inches of snow annually and very little rain, so if you’re looking for warm weather year-round, this is the place for you.

Entertainment in Los Angeles

When it comes to entertainment, Los Angeles won’t let you down!

If you have kids or just want to have fun, Universal Studios Hollywood is a must-visit. This amusement park and studio tour offers something for everyone with thrill rides, live shows, and special events like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

LA also boasts a growing art scene with numerous galleries featuring works from both emerging and established artists. It’s also home to some of the world’s best museums, including those that specialize in modern art and design.

If you want to enjoy a splash of nightlife, there is an abundance of bars, clubs, and concerts all over the city. The famous Sunset Strip is one of the most popular areas for nightlife, but there are plenty of other places to explore.

Beaches in Los Angeles

When most people think of Los Angeles, they think of beaches. It’s like Florida but with more sunshine! Los Angeles has some of the most beautiful beaches in the US with iconic spots.

Malibu for example is one of the most stunning beaches in Southern California, with its white sand, crystal blue waters and rolling hills. Santa Monica beach has a more relaxed vibe and is dotted with volleyball nets, bike paths, and restaurants. If you’re looking for something a bit more wild, Venice Beach is perfect for people watching or even taking part in some outdoor activities.

Los Angeles beaches are not complete without mentioning Long Beach. It’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun. You can also explore its boardwalk, kayak around its harbor or enjoy some of the best seafood restaurants in town.

Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Now, moving without considering the cost of living isn’t the best idea. But don’t worry, Los Angeles doesn’t have to break your wallet.

The total cost of living in LA is relatively affordable compared to other large cities in the US, with rent prices being slightly higher than the national average. The median home value is around $999,000 and can vary depending on the area you choose to live in.

If you are planning to rent, you can expect to pay approximately $1,676 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center and around $2,111 for a two-bedroom apartment in the city center. Though it may seem expensive, the opportunities that it can bring to you is also worth considering. Plus, healthcare, utilities, and groceries are all relatively inexpensive compared to other cities, which make the cost of living in LA more reasonable.

Job Opportunities in Los Angeles

With its striving entertainment industry, Los Angeles has become an attractive destination for people looking to start a career or even make it big in the entertainment business. If you have to have a degree related to the field, job opportunities can range from production assistants to actors.

For those looking for non-entertainment related jobs, Los Angeles also offers a wide variety of other industries such as finance and technology where you can find great career prospects. Plus, with the city’s booming economy, there is plenty of opportunity for growth and development.

To give you an idea here are some of the most in demand jobs in Los Angeles that pays a good salary:

  • Nurses
  • Security Officer
  • Sales Associate
  • Account Executive
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Developer

The thing about finding a job in Los Angeles is that it is not that difficult. However, finding a job that will sustain and allow you to live the life you want can be a bit tricky. You need to make sure that you research and network in order to find the best opportunities for yourself.

Ready to Move?

Leaving Portland doesn’t mean that you’ll be missing out on all of its offerings. If anything, you can use the great things that Los Angeles has to offer and make it your new home! From stunning beaches to amazing career opportunities, you are sure to fit right in and enjoy the great life that LA has to offer. So, if you’re ready for a change of pace, consider moving from Portland to Los Angeles.

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