Helpful Moving Hacks to Make Relocating Easier  



    Beyond just big boxes and helping hands, if there’s one thing that can make your relocation experience easier, it’s helpful moving hacks.

    The right approach to relocation starts before you load a single tote into your moving truck. The process of uprooting your life is about preparing multiple locations, gathering supplies, and thinking ahead.

    Understanding how the whole plan comes together can put you on track for a more seamless moving experience. This comprehensive guide of moving hacks will make your move an efficient, exciting, and enjoyable experience from beginning to end

    The Mega Guide of Helpful Moving Tips

    If moving day is on the horizon for you, don’t wait until the truck pulls up before you begin getting everything in order. The best way to make moving feel like the positive experience that it should be is to use these moving hacks.

    Prepare Your Locations Before Moving Day Begins

    You’re excited to head to your new location. But is it ready to receive you? Before you get moved in, you may want to stop by and put a few things in order.

    The first step is to make sure the electric, water, and sewage, utilities are working – as well as heat, internet, and phone if you need them upon first moving in. The two rooms you’ll want to clean and tidy up first are the bathroom and kitchen, so you can freshen up and eat up once you do move in.

    During the last couple weeks of your stay at your soon-to-be old location, try to finish off your leftovers and frozen food. It may even be helpful to plan out meals a few weeks in advance. The ideal breakfast for moving morning is something simple, like cereal and milk, as it’s quick to prepare and doesn’t require any prep
    Finally, make sure you’ve completed your change of address for your mail and all subscription services. This is also a good time to cancel any subscriptions or services that you don’t want transferred

    Fix Up Your Old Location Before You Head Out

    You may be ready to leave your old location behind, but you could be leaving money on the table as well. Many areas require the premises to be left in a certain condition in order for residents to get their security deposit back.

    It’s important for residents to know their rights, which may differ depending on individual leases as well as the city and state where the property is located. It’s recommended to consult with your attorney on any questions about the legalities of moving
    As for how to touch up and repair the property to make it look the best so you have a better chance of reclaiming your deposit, consider these hacks:

    • Scrub carpets with specialized cleaners – be sure to use non-alcohol concentrations for hardwood
    • Remove scuff marks on the floor by scrubbing them with a tennis ball
    • Fill nail holes and dents in walls using patch kits for large areas, and spackling for small ones
    • Remove furniture dents in carpet by letting ice melt in it overnight, then fluffing with a small brush
    • Restore old fixtures if you’ve replaced or upgraded anything

    Be sure to take pictures of the area when you leave. This will provide you with evidence that you’ve done the necessary work to maintain the property and restore it to a proper state for the next resident. These jobs should typically be done in the weeks leading up to your move. If you need to get some items out of the way in the meantime, consider using storage services.

    Gather the Supplies to Help You Pack

    Ready to really get moving toward moving day? This is the preliminary step before the actual packing. As you may expect, it’s foundational in ensuring that the packing process is smooth and that all your belongings are protected.

    You can ask local businesses to see if they have any boxes. Remember that almost anything can make for a good container. Your cookware can hold utensils, and your laundry bins or trash cans can function as large totes.

    You may find that office supply stores have a good array of resources that can help for the trip, including tape, bubble wrap, and labels.

    It’s a great idea to reach out to a professional moving company to see if they have the supplies for the job. Whether you hire them for packing, transport, or both, having someone bring everything you need makes moving day much simpler.

    By the way, moving supplies aren’t just about packing. Keep a box of snacks and water out during the day, so you can stay energized no matter how long the moving process takes

    Pack Smart with Protection and Convenience in Mind

    Packing up your belongings should be done in accordance with a couple goals. The first and most obvious is that you want to protect the items whether you’re moving around the block or across the state.

    The second goal is to pack things in such a way that it makes the move in and setup processes easier. There are a few ways to reach both of these goals simultaneously.

    For example, take a picture of electronic cable hookups before unplugging everything so you can reconnect them properly – also, try running the wires through paper towel tubes to avoid tangles
    When loading up boxes, make sure that each one is labeled correctly. It will ensure they get proper padding and placement in the moving truck, and that you know where everything is once you arrive at your new destination.

    It’s also a good idea to pack your cleaning items last, so you can vacuum and tidy up the old location one last time before heading out. On the same note, create a box of items that you should open first open reaching your destination, containing towels, personal items, and other important belongings.

    Redefyne Moving: Offering Moving Tips and Assistance

    Redefyne Moving redefines the moving experience with our highly acclaimed approach that’s satisfied plenty of customers over the years.

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    To get started with your relocation effort and to get help putting some of these moving hacks into action, contact us today

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