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    Why are more professionals considering making a business move to Portland? It’s due to a number of factors, and they all come together to paint this West Coast destination as an ideal spot for innovation and industry.

    Thanks to the incredible economy of diverse companies combined with a vibrant population, Portland offers a one-of-a-kind culture. It’s the perfect place to launch a new business, elevate your existing one, or merge with fellow entrepreneurs to change your field forever.

    Moving to Portland can be a time-consuming task unless it’s done properly. You could be opening up a new location or uprooting your facility to transplant it in this Oregon destination. Whatever your plan, it’s crucial to find the right Portland moving company so you can protect your equipment and get open for business as soon as possible.

    Tips for Moving a Business to Portland

    While you may have a business that’s built to excel, moving is its own unique process. It’s one thing to run an organization – but another to relocate it. Thankfully, whether you’re moving a small office or a full facility, you’ve got us. The team here at Redefyne Moving excels at commercial moving services. In our time in the field, we’ve learned some tips to make any Portland business move much easier.

    Map Out Your Setup

    One of the biggest concerns you may have about making a facility or office move in Portland is that feeling of “newness.” While it’s exciting to set up shop in a fresh spot, there’s always the worry about your destination not delivering a sense of belonging. This, in turn, could have a negative impact on productivity.

    However, if you plan ahead, you can recreate your office or facility setup to the smallest detail. To make a business move to Portland that preserves your original workplace design, make sure you:

    • Map out where fixtures and furnishings are before you pack them
    • Take pictures of cable hookups so they can be set up easily upon arrival
    • Write down what goes where in drawers, cabinets, and shelves

    What’s better than having a thriving business in a city like Portland? Having one that looks, feels, and performs like the one you’re used to – you can have the best of both worlds when you hire our Portland commercial movers to help you relocate.

    Protect Your Furniture and Equipment

    Another top concern that professionals have when making a business move to Portland deals with the protection of their belongings. After all, every piece of equipment and unit of inventory represents a resource with a cost. In order to protect them and their ability to generate value from the company, they must be moved properly.

    We at Redefyne Moving can handle the process of packing up your furniture and boxing up your smaller items. For furniture, we can disassemble it to make it easier to move, and of course, reassemble it when we arrive at your new location. We can also wrap and pad everything securely, so it’s safe during loading, transit, and unloading.

    We’ll handle the heavy lifting. What can you do? With us handling packing and loading, you’ll be free to focus on other tasks like backing up your data and keeping your team, customers, and shareholders informed.

    Does it Matter If It’s a Home Office?

    What’s the difference between moving a home office or a commercial office? The main difference is that the former will be disrupting your home life. In order to make the process seamless, make sure you hire commercial movers in Portland who also understand residential locations, so they can provide the assistance you need for moving personal and professional items.

    Why Move Your Business to Portland?

    Portland buildings and scenery

    For professionals, every decision must be a tactical one. Why would you want to move your business to the iconic area that is Portland? True, it’s a massive city on the West Coast, but what does it have to offer that other areas don’t? What sets it apart and makes it special? Let’s consider some of the key categories that put Portland in a league of its own as a professional location.

    Fast-Growing and Fueling Innovation

    When you research Portland, you’ll find it has a number of accolades that make it attractive to professionals. These factors not only show it as a place where businesses can make money, but where they can focus on the bigger picture – having a positive impact on their community and becoming industry leaders in the future.

    Here are some of the top facts about Portland that make it inviting to current and future business owners:

    • It’s the 10th fastest-growing city in the U.S., so lead potential is constantly going up
    • It’s been dubbed “Silicon Forest” for its tech industry innovation
    • It’s the 9th greenest city in the U.S., supporting the sustainability movement

    When you’re thinking about places where people truly understand the value of ideation and long-term goals, you’re thinking of Portland. Whether you want to compete with industry leaders or carve out your own space, you’re sure to gain momentum once you move your business to this city.

    An Ideal Place to Live and Thrive

    Moving your company to Portland is about finding a place where you can thrive professionally. But the truth is there’s no real separation from professional and personal life for most entrepreneurs.

    Business owners usually find that their mind is on the job more often than not. Therefore it’s ideal to find a location that’s nurturing to the senses, and supplements the professional environment with other qualities that make for an enjoyable living space. Some of the best qualities of this city include:

    • Beautiful Natural Scenery: You’ve probably heard about Portland’s record rainfall. While this can be a downer for some, it also has some upsides – specifically, it sends vegetation growing up all around the city. This is perfect when you want to take a walk at a local park or trail to clear your head, experience nature, and smell the flowers.
    • Affordable Cost of Living: Any business owner knows you have to spend money to make money. Portland is in a unique position financially. While its prices may be higher than those of small towns, the massive amount of amenities and companies makes it worth the cost. And when you compare it to other major metropolitan areas of business innovation like LA or New York, it’s more affordable.
    • Options for Food and Fun: Everyone needs to refuel from work, or even get away from it once in a while. Portland has a fantastic culinary scene with many great restaurants and food truck pods across the city. There’s also a fine mix of recreational activities ranging from sports activities to theaters to shopping and more. Remember, we all need some play mixed in with work sometimes.

    When you make a commercial move to Portland, you want to know you’ve picked a good destination to settle in. After all, building a business is a long-term task. Once you make the trip to this area, you’ve put down roots in an incredible spot. Specifically, you’ve picked a place where you can thrive on both a professional and a personal level.

    Let Us Manage Your Portland Business Move

    When you’re making a business move to Portland, you’re setting yourself up to redefine your organization’s success. If you want to do the same with the relocation process, call the Portland commercial movers at Redefyne Moving.

    We’re a trusted Portland moving company and we’re ready to help you put your company on the map here. This incredible location attracts startups, innovators, solopreneurs, established organizations, and countless other professionals in all forms and industries. No matter the size of your company or how much you have to move, we’ve got you covered. We are:

    In a word, we’re professional. We’re not just a group of helping hands to carry your belongings, though we’ll do that too. We understand how to handle property with care. We also understand how to streamline the moving process. We’re passionate about our business, and we’ll be passionate about yours as well.

    Ready to get down to business with your commercial move? Contact us today – we’ll start you out with a free moving estimate. We book up fast, so the faster you reach out the sooner we can prioritize your move.

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    Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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    Thor, Ethan and Corey were on time and worked diligently for 9 3/4 hours. They carefully wrapped all the furniture and things not in boxes. They were professional and friendly and kind to our dog too. They worked fast and got everything we asked them to take. They even helped unload a hot tub!  We would highly recommend Redefyne to anyone and especially any of these 3 great guys!

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