Tips for Moving to Portland Quickly and on Short Notice



    The thought of moving to Portland makes many people think of the amazing new life they could have. But what if you don’t have time to think?

    Portland’s an amazing destination that could change your life – but a move of this magnitude is a major life change. It may take some time to get used to. However, life doesn’t always give you plenty of time to get ready for your relocation.

    What happens if the circumstances necessitate a fast move, with little time to prepare? Would you know how to handle the process, so you could make the transition without feeling frantic?

    With the right strategy and mindset, and help from the right Portland moving company, your trip will go from rushed to relaxed. Instead of worrying if you have enough time, you’ll be eager to reach your destination as soon as possible.

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    Why Might You Need to Move on Short Notice?

    Imagine you’ve been looking over some of your dream homes in the Portland area. After assuming you’ll have to wait for the one you want, your agent calls you out of the blue, and boom – your new destination is ready for you.

    Maybe the relocation is based around business. You could have landed the job of a lifetime, with the only condition being that your employer wants you to start immediately.

    Either way, you may need to get the proverbial show on the road without much time to prepare – the keyword being “much.” Even if you just have a little bit of time, you can make moving to Portland an orderly and efficient process.

    Who to Inform About Your Move

    Who needs to know that you’re packing up and moving to Portland on short notice? There are a few important people and groups who you should make a point to inform. They include:

    • Family and Friends: Let those closest to you know first. While some may be moving with you, others may want to plan a proper sendoff – and the more notice, the better.
    • Employers: Speaking of notice, you and anyone else who is moving should inform your employers. If you have two weeks notice to give them, do so, if not, explain to them the circumstances of why you’re moving so fast.
    • Landlords: Your lease will likely include information about leaving early, so you can determine if you need to pay additional fees or go through special processes.
    • Post Office: Complete a change-of-address form at the post office or online, so you can avoid missing any mail or subscriptions.
    • Utility Companies: Make sure to act fast to set up your new utilities and disconnect your old ones. This can include water, sewer, trash, Internet, cable, gas, electricity, and more.

    These are the most common calls you’ll need to make when you’re moving. There’s also the matter of updating your license and registration at the new location’s DMV. You may also need to update your address and info with insurance agencies, banks, and credit card companies.

    If you have kids, you’ll need to inform their schools and find them new ones. You will also need to inform contractors who you hire for work around your property. Getting the word out quickly will make it easier for you and everyone connected to you.

    Finding the Right Moving Company in Portland

    Once you’ve got everyone informed, there’s only one call left to make – to your trusted Portland moving company.

    With a team like the one here at Redefyne Moving by your side, moving day becomes much easier to get through. Even though moving on short notice can really shake up your life and affect your emotions, you can ease the strain of the process by getting help with the heavy lifting.

    When you’re moving to Portland, we offer the full-service package you need to transport all your items safely. In case you’ve already done part of the work and need us to fill in for the rest, we also offer standalone services like packing and unpacking, as well as loading and unloading.

    If you’re moving so fast you think it’d be better to leave some items behind temporarily, our professional storage services will provide the perfect space to safely keep your belongings.

    Our Portland movers provide the labor, supplies, and trucks you need to get all your items moved safely, even when time is a factor. We can get your move handled on schedule while still safeguarding your property throughout the entire process.

    Who said moving to Portland on short notice has to be hectic? Redefyne Moving will redefine the moving experience as you know it – contact us today to get started. 

    How to Make Moving Day Easier

    What about the big day itself? This occasion makes even the most mellow of us feel a little worried – and that’s with time to prepare.

    If moving day was added to your schedule without much notice, you may feel like you’re unprepared heading in. However, you can take on this day with a sense of energy, optimism, and focus by using these tips:

    • Create a checklist of what to pack, divided up by room
    • Get a good night’s sleep before, and wake up early
    • Wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in
    • Emotionally prepare your kids and your pets
    • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water for extra energy

    You’ll also want to pack a box of essentials and keep it with you. This should include the aforementioned water and healthy snack items, as well as:

    • Medicines (Allergy, pain relief, first-aid, etc.)
    • Toiletries
    • Supplies for your children or pets
    • Cleaning supplies for the new house
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Cash and credit cards
    • Phone adapters
    • Key list of contacts
    • Important documents

    These items will come in handy as you navigate through moving day. Even if your Portland moving company is handling the heavy lifting and packing everything up, keep this box of essentials close by and watch the moving process become more orderly and enjoyable.

    Picking Your New Location

    Portland neighborhoods

    In some cases, your location may be set when you’re moving to Portland. This is often the case if you’ve landed a specific house, or you’re moving to work for a particular company.

    But what about if you’re scheduling your move on short notice because you’ve just got the desire to start a new life? Maybe you are eager to get away from your current location fast, or you’ve reached a savings milestone and now your move is all set to go.

    If you get your pick of which neighborhood to call home, you’ll be happy to know that Portland has plenty. Having your selection makes it much easier to move on short notice and look forward to destinations like these.

    Pearl District

    The first Portland neighborhood on our list is one of the most sought-after parts of Portland. The Pearl District is home to tons of young professionals and is full of shops, art galleries, restaurants, and nightlife.

    In the Pearl District, there’s a little bit of everything. You can find tons of different homes, including repurposed warehouses, midrises, and cozy lofts.

    No matter where you choose to live in this neighborhood, you should keep in mind that it’s one of the most expensive parts of Portland. However, the many nightlife and dining options make it well worth the investment.

    Downtown Portland

    We can’t easily create a guide to Portland neighborhoods without mentioning Downtown Portland. This neighborhood often gets lumped in with the Pearl District, but it’s a pretty distinct part of town.

    In Downtown Portland, you’ll have easy access to the rest of the city. Most of the apartments in the area are high-rises and are located near tons of retail shops.

    Since Downtown Portland has no sales tax, it’s a hotspot for shopping. You can find unique galleries as well as the Portland Ballet and other cultural offerings.

    If you’re looking for good places to eat, there are tons in this part of Portland. Grab some lunch at one of the food trucks or head to Luc Lac for some delicious Vietnamese food.

    West End

    The West End is a part of Downtown Portland but has its own vibe. You’ll find this neighborhood nestled between West Burnside and Southwest Morrison.

    Bookworms love spending time in this neighborhood because it’s home to the stunning bookshop, Powell Books.

    Speaking of shops, there are tons of stores for you to check out here. Head over to Union Way or to Bridge & Burn for a relaxing afternoon of retail therapy.

    The homes in this neighborhood are primarily apartment buildings. They’re often made out of restored or converted buildings making for a unique vibe.


    One of Portland’s more upscale neighborhoods is the stunning Eastmoreland neighborhood. This area has a traditional vibe but doesn’t include tons of commercial spaces.

    The area’s streets are lined with trees and offer a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland. And, while there aren’t tons of restaurants, it’s close enough to downtown that you can easily head there for a night out.

    In the area, there are lots of high-end houses that are known for their beautifully manicured lawns. However, there are still quite a few small apartment complexes that you can rent.

    You’ll find some pretty fantastic entertainment opportunities in Eastmoreland. Check out the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden or the Eastmoreland Golf Course for a day outdoors!

    Arlington Heights

    If you love cityscapes then you’ve simply got to look into living in Arlington Heights. This neighborhood offers sweeping city views and is also home to the International Rose Test Garden.

    The area is just a short walk to downtown Portland, making for a quick and convenient living spot for commuters. And, you’ll find a good mix of apartments and private homes in this area.

    Lloyd District

    Anyone looking for a luxury vibe in Portland should consider the affluent Lloyd District. This area has the Moda Center and the Oregon Convention Center where you can check out theater and musical performances.

    In this neighborhood, you’ll find new and stylish condos and apartments. There are a few older apartment buildings here that you can rent for a lower price. That way, you can live in a wealthy and safe area without a huge price tag.

    In Conclusion

    Which of these neighborhoods looks the best to you?

    Even if you’re moving on short notice, you could potentially find a great home or apartment in one of these neighborhoods or the various others nearby. Moving on short notice goes from stressful to exciting when you are looking forward to your new destination.

    How to Adjust to Your New Location

    No one wants to regret moving to Portland, and even if you look forward to the area, you may experience some sense of culture shock upon arriving. This of course depends on the person, where they’ve lived, and how they adjust to their new surroundings.

    Maybe you’re hoping to save up some money to start building your life in this new location? For this task, you’ll want to create a budget first of all. Then you should reduce your spending – this could include cutting down on eating out at restaurants, and limit the use of your utilities to what’s absolutely necessary.

    What about if you’re set financially and are ready to jump right into your new life? Consider celebrating by exploring Portland’s best features, and maybe trying some new restaurants or shopping locations every weekend. This will help you learn your new location fast.

    Moving to Portland Soon? Call Redefyne Moving

    When you’re moving, especially on short notice, you may feel like you’re in for a stressful process. However, moving doesn’t have to be this way. At Redefyne Moving, we give new meaning to the relocation experience.

    Even if it has to be done quickly, it can be made efficient so you enjoy the process. When you call our skilled team, you’ll get everything you need. We are:

    • Licensed and insured, so your property is safe even when we’re moving it fast
    • Fully equipped with all the moving supplies you need, so no need to find your own
    • Prepared to move homes and businesses of all sizes

    Moving has never been easier. We take moving from a lengthy, clunky process and turn it into a smooth and strategic operation. It’s why more people trust us when they’re moving to Portland, even if the day is approaching fast.

    Need to make your move quickly or on short notice? Contact us today – we’ll start the process off with a free estimate. We book up fast, so reach out ASAP and we can schedule time to get your move on the road.

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    Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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