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How to Have a Great Move during Terrible Weather

For many people, moving can be a daunting task. Rainy weather or cold winter conditions only increase the stress that comes with a big move. And in a city like Portland, weather can be extremely fickle and unpredictable. If bad weather is supposed to strike on the day you’re scheduled to move, communicate with the moving company about the possibility of rescheduling. Clearly express your level of comfort with the conditions and gauge the moving… Read more.

Moving Day Checklist

Try our new Interactive Moving Checklist Five Weeks Before The Move 1. Create A Master List This should contain everything that needs to be completed including cancelling and setting up electrical, water, sewage, natural gas and garbage services at the new home. Also be sure to include a list of supplies that you will need for the move. If you have any pianos or large equipment that will require a specialized team or heavy machinery… Read more.

Redefyne Moving Expands to Sacramento

Moving is opening up our second location in Sacramento. Movers are now available to help people move to and from Northern California. We offer services to both residential and commercial clients, helping them make a smooth and hassle free transition from one location to the next. The company is excited to expand and offer these new services to a brand new market. As an experienced moving company working in Portland, OR, we have built a solid reputation with… Read more.

How to Take the Stress Out of Moving

Moving is a stressful and trying occasion. There are plenty of things to do and get done, it can take you a long time to get everything done that you have to have finished. Much of the time, there are so many things to attend to that you simply end up not having enough time. Take some of the demand off and hire a moving company to assist you pack and move your things for… Read more.

Portland Oregon Movers

Considering relocating in the near future? Then you will most likely need moving company to help you. Since the weather in Portland is generally improving, it might be time for you to begin looking for the best movers you can find. So where does one begin and what should you be looking for in a quality moving company? Before the movers arrive, make an effort to seriously go through your home and remove items you… Read more.

Full Service Movers in Portland

Redefyne Moving & Packing has to be your first option for Moving Companies. We are fast, efficient and careful with your belongings. Among Portland’s leading moving companies we are incredibly courteous when relocating you in and out of your house. Redefyne Moving & Packing Portland also provides a complete assortment of boxes and packing materials. Redefyne Moving & Packing Portland features competitive pricing and dependable service. We are a full-service Portland moving team that will… Read more.

Reducing Waste During Your Move

Millions of people move every year, and that generates a lot of waste. Not only from packing materials, but unwanted furniture and other items that may not fit into your new place or you are combining belongings with your special someone and starting a life together. It is estimated that 602 pounds of waste are created per person just in the form of paper and cardboard. So how can you cut back on waste or… Read more.

Money Saving Tips for Your Move

Whether your moving across the country for a new job or just to a new home across town, moving can be an expensive proposition. There are many things you can do to save money and cut costs. Be prepared in advance! Several weeks before the move, make a list, a moving checklist. Being prepared can not only save you time, but it could save you money so you don’t forget anything important that may cost… Read more.

Packing and Moving to a New Home

So you have lived in your home for near 30 some odd years, but now you need to move. Maybe your moving to be closer to your kids so they can help you now that you’re getting older. Maybe it is just time to move out of your giant family home into a smaller low maintenance condo, now that the kids have left the nest. Whatever the reason may be, it is a daunting task… Read more.

Summer Moving Tips

Planning on moving before the end of summer? Well you’re not alone, summer is the busiest time of year for Portland Movers, this is according to the American Moving and Storage Association. If you’re planning to use a Portland Moving company, you should call as soon as possible. Most companies will need plenty of notice, they may be booked for at least six weeks or even more if you’re planning on moving a long distance…. Read more.