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    Are you thinking about making a long-distance move?

    Maybe you’re thinking about making a move to Tigard, Oregon. If you are, you’re making an excellent decision. The city is family-friendly, adventure-filled, and offers an abundance of creative opportunities.

    But moving to a new city or state can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what to expect. But, because of our team at Redefyne Move, you are in luck! In the following sections, you’ll learn everything you need to know about moving to Tigard.

    Is Tigard a Good Place to Live?

    Before making a move to Oregon or any state, you want to determine two factors to decide if the town is a good place to live. The two factors you need to consider are safety and cost of living. Tigard, Oregon ranks highly on both of these factors and is regarded as one of the best areas to live.

    Compared to the average cost of living in Oregon, Tigard has higher housing market prices and local transportation costs. However, city utilities, groceries, and health insurance are either the same or cheaper than the average in the state.

    Tigard Housing Price and Safety

    The average price of a home in Tigard is currently $415,000, but there are some options between low and mid-$200,000 as well. The average rent price for a one-bedroom home is about $1,272 per month, while the average cost for a four-bedroom house is about $2,079 per month.

    The homes in Tigard are well equipped to provide you with a safe and comfortable home, so do not let the high cost of housing deter you from moving. Tigard is 15% safer than other cities in the state, if safety is a concern for you. The safest neighborhoods are Bull Mountains, River Terrance, and Garden Home.

    What Are Some Fun Facts About Tigard?

    You should research a city or state before you move to Oregon to find out if it is right for you, including its history.

    The Tualatin Valley was home to an ancient Native American tribe, the Atfalati tribe, before the Europeans colonized it. The village of Chachimahiyuk was just a few miles from Tigard. During the day, the tribe hunted deer, elk, fish, root beds, berries, and other nuts in the village.

    Another tribe living nearby, the Kalapuya, burned the valley to encourage new vegetation and maintain a habitat beneficial for deer and elk. The tribe’s history is still embraced by the city through festivals held once a year.

    Another fun fact about Tigard is the city’s founder home is still there for people to visit and learn more about him. Jon Tigard’s home was built in the 1800s and still has an original look inside and out from the time.

    In the 1970s, there were plans to demolish the house, but city officials decided to preserve its rich history and cancel the demolition. Now residents are allowed to visit the house four times a year. You won’t find so much period memorabilia anywhere else in the world!

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    Why Move to Tigard?

    What are the reasons to pack up everything you own so you can make the long distance move to Oregon? If the text above didn’t convince you that Tigard is the right place for you, then the following text should do the trick.

    The City Is Proud of Its Parks and Recreation Programs for Citizens

    Enjoy the outdoors by taking a walk or a bike ride on one of the over 16 miles of paved trails available in Tigard, Oregon. Its residents have access to 550 acres of parkland and recreation space.

    Five major community parks allow residents to enjoy hiking trails, picnics, playgrounds, wetlands, and sports activities. Furthermore, residents have easy access to 12 neighborhood parks. So after school, your children can let loose some energy before dinner time.

    You can visit three community gardens if your green thumb is itching to connect to nature. The three community gardens are Greenfield Community Garden, Jack Park Community Garden, and Metzger Community Garden.

    The city plans to further invest within their parks and recreation for their residents. As part of their Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the City of Tigard provides a road map. The city lays out a vision for restaurants, parks, and recreation for the future through this plan.

    Downtown Is a Beautiful Historic Area of the City

    There is plenty to do in Tigard’s historic district, from shopping to dining. The district has it all for a day out on the town or a night in the city.

    In Tigard, Oregon, there are many attractions to explore. See professional Broadway-style musicals at The Broadway Rose Theatre Company. It has received several awards for its outstanding musical productions.

    After learning the rich history of Tigard and experiencing some musical performances, you can enjoy the thrill of indoor skydiving at iFly, the city’s newest attraction. If you need to celebrate a child’s birthday, you can do this there. It is ideal for people of all ages.

    Transit connections provide access to just about every other location in the surrounding area, including major malls. In addition, public access to bike trails and pedestrian walkways are also found in Tigard’s downtown area.

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    Tigard Is Full of Events to Keep Citizens From Ever Being Bored

    If you didn’t realize it already, the city makes sure its residents don’t grow bored and get to live life to the fullest. Below are some of the local events and places you can enjoy in the city.

    • Downtown Street Fair
    • Latino Heritage Celebration
    • Downtown Art Walk
    • Farmer’s Market
    • Washington Square Mall
    • Live Laugh Love Art

    After visiting the attractions and events of the cities, you’re going to want to grab a bite to eat. There are several great restaurants in Tigard, Oregon, serving everything from Mexican, American, and Middle Eastern dishes. Some of the restaurants you can choose from are Falafel Express, La Fuente, Pacific Breeze, and Sinju.

    If you prefer to keep it simple and enjoy the authentic dishes of Oregon, consider visiting David’s Casual Dining, Richard’s Deli, or Oswego Grill. Also, if you enjoy coffee in the morning, make a stop at Symposium before work.

    Schools in the City Strive to Meet the Learning Needs of Children

    If you have young children between the ages of 5-17, you have a great choice of schools in the city. With more than 7,500 children in Tigard and them representing 15% of the population, the city does everything it can to ensure that education is a priority. Durham Elementary, Twality Middle School, and Tigard High School are among the top schools in the Tigard-Tualatin School District.

    Unfortunately, there are no secondary schools directly in Tigard, but you can find a few not too far from the city. For example, one of the country’s top liberal arts colleges, Lewis & Clark College, is less than 30 minutes away. There are also a few colleges and universities in Portland, about a 20-minute drive from the city.

    Oregon Weather Is Always Comfortable and Cool

    If you hate the hot, humid summers of the south or cold and snowy winters in the north, you’ll enjoy the cool, comfortable weather in Tigard, Oregon. With its mild, seasonal humidity, the city has a cool climate all year round.

    So, all year long, you can plan outdoor activities without worrying about the heat or cold ruining your plans and keeping you indoors for months.

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    There Are Plenty of Job Opportunities in the City of Tigard

    Even though Tigard is not as wealthy as neighboring Bethany, the city is part of Bull Mountain, the county’s second-richest city. The median household income in the area is $120,523, so you’ll find a good variety of employment opportunities around town as well as in surrounding cities.

    Some of the best Tigard jobs are local employers such as Western Partitions Inc (WPI), Pacific Star Communications, and InFocus. Besides Beaverton, there are plenty of other great places to work in Tigard, Oregon, and Portland, only 10 miles away.

    We Will Make Moving to Tigard a Stress-Free Experience for You

    Now that you read everything you can about moving to Tigard and made your decision, you’re going to need some help. Making a long distance move can be a stressful and tiring event. However, it is something you shouldn’t have to do yourself.

    Our agents can answer any questions you may have about our services. Please fill out our online form if you’d like to request a free, in-home estimate.

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