Relocating Your Business: Top Reasons to Move to Portland


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    Do you have a business that you want to move to Portland?  You’re not alone – Portland is the 10th fastest growing city in the United States, and for good reasons.

    Portland is the center of many unique points of interest and culture. If you don’t know about it from the IFC show “Portlandia,” you may know it for its expansive nature or delicious food scene.

    There are many reasons to move to Portland, for both business and personal satisfaction.

    At Redefyne Moving we’re passionate about making relocating as easy as possible for you.  We built upwards from humble beginnings and specialize in several areas, including moving your whole office.

    With so many great cities to choose from, why move to Portland Oregon? Read on to learn all about why this city is the perfect place to move your business.

    You’ll Be In Good Company

    The tech and business scene in Portland is continuously booming. Portland is home to some huge, household name companies such as Nike and Intel. It’s also a choice spot for smaller start-ups and small businesses.

    Businesses of every size are attracted to Portland because it’s also home to a range of qualified, local talent. With Portland gaining 82 new residents every day, the amount of creative, innovative people coming into the city grows each day.

    With so many schools in the area, many graduates also choose to make the city their home after experiencing life in the pacific northwest for school. One of Portland’s draws is its diversity of jobs and expansive list of companies to work for.

    Greater Portland is home to about 36 schools, including public schools, private schools, and universities. That’s a lot of educated and talented people in one city!

    Small businesses have a lot to gain from the area as well. Take a walk in any neighborhood and you’ll come across a quaint, independent coffee shop or a unique, small bookshop.

    Portland is a place where large companies continue to employ many while still growing by the day.

    There’s also plenty of room and a lot of local support for the neighborhood businesses that sell crafted, handmade, and unique items. Residents love supporting homemade goods!

    Experience Every Season

    Choosing to move to Portland Oregon means choosing to embrace all four seasons. While you’re living in Portland you will experience a fresh and dewy spring, a hot summer, vibrant fall foliage, and rain and sometimes snow during the winter.

    Actually, you’ll likely experience rain all year long. Living in Oregon also means learning to love the rain!

    Portland is known for its significant amount of rainfall and locals are used to the weather suddenly changing from sunny to raining at a moment’s notice. Portland experiences about 36 inches of rainfall per year.

    Getting used to rain means arming yourself with an umbrella and investing in a few waterproof jackets and pairs of rainboots.

    Getting used to snow will be more of an adjustment, but with time and experience, it’s a season you will come to love for its beauty. You may even get to experience a Portland snow day.

    On occasion, the city gets enough snow that the roads are too icy for travel. When this happens the city shuts down so people can stay inside, warm and safe.

    Spring in Portland brings a little each season, with sunny days as well as dark and rainy days.

    Summers in Portland features perfect weather for all the outdoor activities near the city. Summer is perfect for a drive to nearby Mt. Hood for camping or hiking. There are also a number of rivers nearby where you can float or stretch out and sunbathe.

    Fall in Portland is colorful with red, orange, and yellow leaves taking over most of the foliage and grounds.

    No matter what season you decide to move to Portland, Redefyne Moving has you covered with packing and storing your items. Rain or sunshine, we’re prepared.

    Affordable Cost of Living

    Moving your business requires you to consider the cost of living in the new city you move to. That means considering the cost for any employees relocating with you, as well as the cost of renting another office space.

    Even with recent price surges, the cost of living in Portland is still relatively low compared to other major U.S. cities. It’s a top choice for relocating because of its affordability and amenities.

    Compared to cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Los Angeles, Portland is considerably cheaper and still offers all the same major advantages of a bustling metropolis.

    When it comes to rent, groceries, transportation, and utilities, Portland is cheaper than Seattle and San Francisco.

    The amount you spend also depends on which neighborhood you choose to move to and where you choose to place your business offices.

    Certain neighborhoods, like the Pearl District and the Northwest Nob Hill area, will be considerably more expensive than others.

    Nature Is Everywhere

    When it comes to quality of life, Portland has a lot to offer you and your employees. The area is rich with opportunities for outdoor bonding, company activities, and retreats.

    The upside about experiencing so much rain all year is that nature will always be blooming around you. Portland is known for its greenery and natural beauty. There are many parks, mountains, and hiking trails within close driving distance.

    Depending on where your office is located, you will likely be able to enjoy the outdoors during your breaks.

    If you’re located near a park or neighborhood you’ll be able to enjoy some fresh air and the view of trees and cute, quirky houses.

    With so much surrounding nature, it’s no wonder that Portland is also known for its wonderful air quality. You’ll notice how different it feels to take in a deep breath of the fresh, mountainous air.

    When it comes time for the company retreat or an employee appreciation day, there are many ways to incorporate the outdoors in your quality time. Explore picturesque Forest Park together or drive out to Sauvie’s Island for a beach picnic.

    There are places close enough for a day trip, like a drive to the Columbia River Gorge. You can even go see a volcano at Mount St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument. A great pro tip is to visit this area in the summer for a view of wildflowers covering the land.

    Whether you’re looking for a trail with a view, water activities, or a beach day, Portland has something for everyone.


    Location Is Everything

    Portland is perfect for the person who needs or wants to travel for business. Portland is also one of 14 U.S. cities that focuses on global investment and trade. If your company is considering expanding overseas, Portland would be a great place to relocate.

    Portland International Airport is located within the city and it’s easy to get there by bus or light rail. There are also major bus stations, like Greyhound, in the city for those who want an alternative to flying.

    Union Station is located near the heart of the city for those who would like to travel by Amtrak.

    For local travel, public transportation is reliable and most of the city is easily accessible by train, bus, or light rail.

    The TriMet, the major public transit system, runs through most of the city so you can easily travel from one neighborhood to another. You can opt to purchase a single-ride ticket or an unlimited monthly ticket if you plan to commute a lot.

    Most neighborhoods in the city are easily walkable and you may not even have to get in your car or catch a bus to make it to a nearby restaurant, bar, or grocery store.

    The city is also great for anyone who loves riding their bikes. You will notice as you explore the area that bike lanes can be found on most major streets and that drivers are used to sharing the roads with bicyclists.

    This city is convenient for most transportation on wheels. Whether it’s bike riding, skateboarding, or even a unicycle (you will see those on occasion!), the streets of Portland are perfect for the transportation of your choice.

    The Food Scene

    Lunch during the work week will never be boring when you live in Portland.

    This city is known for its expansive and delicious offerings of cuisine from many cultures all over the world.

    Whether you’re craving Indian curries, pad thai noodles, or mouth-watering bar-be-que, there is delicious food around nearly every corner.

    In recent years Portland has seen a rise in food trucks offering quick and quality meals. In fact, there are so many food trucks in the city now that there are now designated food truck spaces called “pods.”

    These food truck pods are all over the city and offer up every kind of food imaginable. You’ll find traditional meals as well as creative and innovative pairings and desserts.

    If you find a food truck good enough to call one of your favorites, chances are you’ll be able to count on that truck being at the same pod on the same days every week. If not, most food trucks have a social media presence that makes it easy to follow them.

    Another thing that Portland is known for is its vegan and vegetarian options. The city is great for meat lovers as well, but there is more than enough for people with alternative diets.

    When it comes to innovative vegetarian dishes you will be able to find just about anything you’re looking for. Vegan or vegetarian cheeses, chicken wings, meat alternatives, tofu dishes, and milk alternatives are nearly everywhere you go.

    If you simply enjoy healthy foods, there are options everywhere for you as well. Residents love organic, grass-fed, locally sourced food, so there are options for these items in most eateries.

    A Thoughtful and Casual Way of Life

    At Redefyne, we put thought into making moving as easy as possible for our customers.  We even offer packing tips as a way to help make the process smoother.

    Portland residents are also thoughtful when it comes to keeping their city beautiful.

    No matter their age, most residents of Portland seem to be environmentally conscious. If this is important to you personally, or you make efforts to keep your business “green,” this is a good city for you.

    Residents of Portland are big on respecting the environment. They diligently recycle, compost, and support natural or upcycled products. Littering is widely frowned upon and it isn’t uncommon to see someone picking up trash off the street.

    The city is so green that it has a “green tax” targeted at large corporations. The money from these taxes is then used to fund energy-efficient initiatives throughout the city and especially in neighborhoods in need.

    You’ll also notice that Portland has a very laid-back and casual vibe, even in an office. It’s a normal occurrence to walk into a place of business and notice employees wearing jeans, casual blouses, and eccentric accessories.

    Portland residents are big on outdoor activities, and their wardrobe was made for and reflects it. It’s a rare sight to see someone in a business suit anywhere.

    Overall, the culture in Portland is very easy-going.

    Consider Your Move to Portland Today

    Now you know why you should consider a move to Portland for you and your business. The city has so much to offer and there’s always something fun to explore.

    If you’re wondering how to move your business to another state, that’s where Redefyne Moving comes in!

    We make relocating to another state an easy and affordable experience. With Redefyne, your move doesn’t have to be stressful! Your office equipment is in good hands with our expert movers.

    Take the first step in planning your move to Portland by learning about our office and commercial moving services today!


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