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Make your move easy!

There are probably a lot of to-dos you've put on your list before your moving day, and it may seem a little daunting.  Have no fear! Our moving experts are here to help.  We've compiled a list of some tips and tricks to get you on your way. 

  1. Pack it up – packing is perhaps the most important aspect of any move. You can purchase supplies from us, or better yet, why don’t let us do the packing for you?

    • Anything that can fit into a box, should be in a box. This includes electronics, lampshades, lamps, glass pieces, artwork, framed photos, pillows, betting, small flower pots, etc.

    • Heavy items should be in smaller boxes, and light items in large boxes.

    • Mattresses and box springs should be in mattress bags or boxes to make sure they are kept clean and dry.

    • All boxes should be properly labeled, on the side of the box so the movers can tell what room they will need to go.

    • Make sure all your items are packed before the moving day. This allows the movers to focus strictly on the moving, and makes the move go much faster.

  2. Keep your important items with you – don’t pack cash, jewelry, or prescription medications – you may need access to them on your move day. Special heirlooms, items that have special emotional value or inherently irreplaceable property that should be kept with you as well.

  3. Get out your cooler – You’ll need to transport perishable goods, and improperly packaged foods yourself, we are happy to load them into a cooler for you.

  4. Be prepared – talk with our office about where the movers should park the truck, how to access your apartment, and if there will be any obstacles along the way.

  5. Check out our Moving Checklist for more in-depth tips and tricks!

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