protecting a mattress during a move

Tips From Portland Movers On Protecting Your Mattress

Moving mattresses can be a struggle during the moving process, especially when trying to protect it from harm.  The folks over at the Moversvile Blog have written an article on how to best protect your mattress during your move.  And as they’ve put it, there are some tricks that work out better than others.

One of the most simple but effective ways of protecting your mattress involves using a mattress bag that fits the size of your mattress, and a tape gun with moving tape.  Most other tapes will not stick to the bag the way you need it to, so be sure to only use moving tape.  The process then sees you setting the matches upright against a wall, and laying it on its side.

Then, push the mattress all the way to the end of the bag, and then take the excess material of the bag left, and tape it down.  Use the moving tape to shut the bag, taping it almost like a present, and then use some extra tape to make sure the opening is shut tightly.

There’s much more information in the full article on how best to protect your mattress during your move, including tip for queen/king size mattresses, where to get mattress bags, protecting the mattress in storage, and more.  Give the full post a read by clicking here.

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