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Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring Portland Movers

large houseWhen moving, you’ll want to do as much as you can on your part, to make the whole process simpler for your hired help.  However, there’s more to keep in mind than just putting in your share of work.  Many variables can be at play when it comes to moving.  These variables can range from items you can’t handle on your own, to the Portland movers you’re choosing to hire.  Even the rates each mover offers can play a key role in your plans.  Being aware of these facts can make your move that much less stressful, and could help you focus on some of the more active aspects of your move.


Difficult-To-Move Belongings

Being mindful of the belongings you intend on moving is also very important.  Many people have items and furniture that are virtually impossible to handle on their own.  For instance, one of the most common items that fit this category is any sort of appliance.  Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and so forth.  Even more than standard home appliances, if you own anything like a hot tub, piano, or pool table, you’re going to need to confirm with the Portland movers you’re looking into that they can handle such items.  Especially when it comes to more fragile items, such as valuable art, or antiques, putting a great emphasis on these items to your Portland movers of choice will aid in reducing potential accidents, resulting in your precious belongings being damaged during the process.

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Remembering Essentials

After looking through Portland movers and hiring your mover of choice, preparing for the actual move day is of utmost importance.  Keeping essentials in a bag before moving day, such as toiletries and medicines, cleaning supplies, important documents, phone chargers, and so forth is a great way to be ready, as well as having a cooler handy with water or snacks, as your refrigerator may be out of commission for a good part of the day.  Even remembering things like a spare mattress, or sleeping mat, in case you need an alternative to sleeping the same night. It can pay to look ahead of time, and be mindful of scenarios that could potentially occur.  If you have children, hiring a babysitter or finding somewhere for them to stay for the day can help in keeping you completely focused on the task at hand.  In addition, making sure to turn on the AC in your new home is also important.  The last thing you’d want is to wrap up the day with an unbearably hot living space.

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And, most importantly, don’t delay on preparations.  All too often, people wait until the last couple days to prepare, and find themselves wanting for more time.  Think ahead, and make sure you’re ready for the long day to come.   Once you’ve taken all necessary precautions, and have chosen the right Portland movers for you, you’ll be ready to take on the day when it comes.  Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure your move with your Portland Movers will go as smoothly as possible.

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