Portland Movers Tips For Parents Moving With Kids

moving with kids

Moving can be a stressful process- whether it be by yourself, or into another household with someone. And when kids are a factor, the move can be even more stressful. Moversville recently published tips on how to make a move with kids as fluent and stress-free as possible.

For example, communicating with your kids about your moving plans, as well as starting the process of packing with them at least 6 months early. You'll want to make sure you let them know well in advance about the moving plans, so that they have enough time to process and understand that they'll be living in a different place, as well as allow them to prepare for the move at their own pace. Ensuring they're on the same page as you at an earlier point is key to keeping things smooth for moving day.

Another great tip is to sort out your kids' items with them, so they can choose what they want to keep, donate, or throw out. Having these items sorted out can reduce how much you end up taking along... helping to keep packing to a minimum. Encouraging them to donate some toys they aren't as attached to anymore is a great idea too.  Your child may feel better knowing that they're doing something nice for kids that don't have those kinds of toys.

These are just a couple of great tips from the article. If you'd like to read the full post, click here to check it out. It's worth a read for any parent preparing for a move.

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