Packing and Moving to a New Home

So you have lived in your home for near 30 some odd years, but now you need to move. Maybe your moving to be closer to your kids so they can help you now that you’re getting older. Maybe it is just time to move out of your giant family home into a smaller low maintenance condo, now that the kids have left the nest. Whatever the reason may be, it is a daunting task to pack and move a lifetime worth of stuff. That is where your local certified Portland OR Moving Company comes in handy.

When you hire a Professional Moving Company, you are hiring someone with years of experience in packing and moving others like yourself from one home to another. Your local Portland Movers will take care in wrapping your fragile glassware and dishes. They will wrap your upholstered sofa with shrink wrap so it does not get stained or torn during the move. All the boxes will be carefully labeled and marked down on a moving list for easy identification. If you have the time and ability to pack your own things, you could save yourself some money, but that may be impracticable for most who work full time, just be sure that your movers estimate notes that you will pack your own things so no surprise fees pop up later. Also be aware that if something gets damaged during the move it may not be covered by the insurance through the moving company. Check with your moving company to see how the deal with this situation.

As you look forward to moving into your new home, there are a few things that you need to complete as you leave your old home. It is important for you to cancel a few services or have the services transferred to your new home. Some of these services include your home phone service, cable service, newspaper service, satellite and internet services but most of all be sure all your paper work for an address change has been turned into your local post office. A couple days before the move day set aside a box which will contain essentials you will need as soon as you arrive at your destination.