Moving Quick? Who to Notify About Your Move

Moving is hard – but it’s even harder if you’re moving on a tight time frame. There’s so much to do that it can be tough to get it all straight. And when faced with a quick move, things can fall through the cracks. But in all the chaos, it’s important to notify the right people and companies of your move.

It’s especially important to book your movers as soon as you know a date. In fact, we should be the first to know about your move! You can even hire us to pack and store your items, which is usually a big request from our clients who have to move quickly.

Here is a list of who to notify when moving quickly.

Family and Friends

This is the best place to start. While your close friends and family likely already know you’re moving, you will still have to let them know your exact address and timeline. Plus, there are a lot of friends, acquaintances and second-level family members you must notify. You could post a status update on Facebook or send out text and email blasts. These are the quickest ways to inform people of your move.

Your Employers

Give your two weeks’ notice if you are leaving your job, but also provide them of your new address for any W2 and other tax/benefit forms. You’ll also have to inform your new employer of your new address so you can get paid on time and make sure there are no gaps in insurance coverage.


If renting, read over your lease agreement to make sure you’re not breaking your rental agreement. This agreement will let you know how much notice you must provide the landlord about moving out. Tell him or her your move-out date in a written letter that includes the new address. This way, your landlord will be able to return your security deposit to the right address.

Post Office

File a change-of-address at the post office. Do this online to save the most time. Did you know that your mail will be forwarded to the new address for one year, with magazines and other subscriptions being forwarded for 60 days?

Utility Companies

Contact all your utility companies, such as water, sewer, trash, Internet, cable, gas, and electricity, and tell them about your move. Tell your existing utility companies the date of your move so they can discontinue service. Tell your new utility company about your move-in date so they can be sure to turn on service with no gaps in coverage.

Insurance Agencies

Call all insurance agencies, such as renter’s, life, auto, home, and health, and notify them of your new address. This way, you will still receive important bills and notices. You can do this online as well.


If moving to another state, you have between 10 and 30 days to update your license and register your car.

Banks and Credit Card Companies

Contact your banks, other lenders and credit card companies to provide your updated information.

Doctors and Pharmacies

If sticking with the same doctor and pharmacy, tell them your new address. If you’re switching because your new home is too far away, request that your existing doctor send your files and information to the new one. Same with the pharmacy.


Contact your child’s school to have their records sent to the new school. If you belong to any alumni associations, notify your alma mater about your change of address so you can still get updates from your school and any organizations you were involved with.


You’ll need to update your address with any subscriptions you have, such as newsletters and magazines.

Contractors, Landscapers, Etc.

If you aren’t moving far and still want to use your same landscaper, plumber, or electrician, let them know you have moved so they can adjust their route accordingly.

We know how stressful it can be to move in a hurry. But by covering all your bases, you can ensure a smooth transition.

Contact Redefyne Moving and Storage

As we said above, we should be your first phone call when moving in a hurry. All you have to do is call us at 817-405-2890 or complete our online form. We can fit you into our schedule and accommodate your moving needs as best as possible.



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