Loading a Truck Properly for a Long Distance Move

Imagine watching the loading door close on your moving truck as you prepare for a long distance move.

Would you feel comfortable about the state of your belongings during the trip?

The sight of a moving truck rolling down the open highway is like a convoy transporting someone to a new life. But what about the state of the possessions in the back of this vehicle?

Every mile along the way adds to the concerns about whether your items are secure. Knowing how to load a truck properly is crucial for making a long distance move a success. Completing this process correctly will turn the worries and uncertainty of your trip to eager excitement and anticipation.

Is a Long Distance Move Really More Challenging?

Making any type of move presents some challenges. There’s the feeling of uprooting your life, which creates a sense of instability. You’ll have concerns both about acclimating to your future location, and of course getting all your belongings there safely.

Does a long distance move create any more challenges than a local move? Logic would say that the more distance you add to the move, the more likely it is that something could go wrong. However, a properly packed moving truck will safeguard your belongings no matter how many miles you travel.

If you follow these steps, or enlist a professional moving company to complete them for you, you’ll be able to keep your mind on the new home and new area that awaits you.

Start with a Plan and Make a List

Looking at the space inside a moving truck, you may start getting ideas about what could fit where, how it should be loaded, and where you’ll put your most important items.

Creating a list is one of the most effective ways to make any long distance move a success. Document your items, and make sure to write down everything that’s going.

Here are some important things to note on your moving and loading list:

  • Consider items with large or awkward dimensions first, so space can be prioritized
  • Get an idea of the order you want to load the rest of your items in, preferably by room
  • Try packing the items you’ll need to unpack first at the front for easy access

For your larger and heavier items, they can be transported to the truck with dollies and hand carts, and brought into the truck via ramps for safe and easy movement.

Some units, such as furniture pieces, can be disassembled in order to make them easier to move and to reduce the amount of space they’ll take up in the truck.

When you’re creating the rest of the loading order, going room by room makes the task of packing a whole home or business seem less daunting. As for the items you’ll want to unpack first, consider items like cleaning supplies to prepare your new location, or snacks to reenergize you after the long drive.

Preparing Your Property to Get Loaded Up

It’s easy to assume most of the moving process’s labor is related to loading items into the truck. This is a big part of it, but preparing the items to be loaded is arguably the most important step of all.

When items are prepared properly ahead of time, the risk of damage is greatly reduced. Whether they’re being transported out of your location, put into the truck, or driven along toward your destination, protective equipment goes a long way in shielding them from damage.

Boxing items up is one of the easiest ways to safeguard them. When items are put in boxes or totes, it’s easier to surround them with padding to prevent movement that may lead to dents or dings. Boxes and totes should also be sealed to avoid items spilling out along the journey.

Wrapping is helpful for items that are too big to be boxed up. It can be especially handy for stopping the bottom from getting scuffed, or stopping the corners from getting chipped.

Should You Ask Your Family or Friends for Help?

The thought of preparing everything you own and loading it up for a move can be overwhelming. Especially if you take on the task alone, you’re in for a ton of work.

Should you get family, neighbors, or friends to help you. While it’s tempting to turn to those you know personally, the act of getting belongings into a moving truck requires professional training. Those who aren’t experienced may drop items, load them in a way that damages them, or even injure themselves during the process.

Don’t Forget the Process of Unloading

When you’re loading up the moving truck for a long distance move, the main priority is protecting your property. But not far behind this is the matter of making sure the unpacking process is efficient.

By thinking ahead with your moving approach, you can make sure that upon arrival to your new location, you will minimize the amount of time and effort it takes to get your belongings where they need to be.

Referring back to the previous steps, each aspect of the preparation process can be used to make the unloading process simple.

  • Label your boxes and totes so you know exactly what you’re unloading
  • Make notes on your moving list about where each box or tote should be in the truck
  • Keep the ramps, dollies, and carts ready for heavy items when you arrive

Loading and unloading the moving truck is arguably the most physically strenuous task of the entire moving process. It’s also mentally taxing unless it’s done right – what better way to protect yourself, your property, and your peace of mind than by hiring professional movers to help you?

Unload Your Moving Concerns Onto Redefyne Moving

When you’re ready to make a long distance move, you never have to do it alone – the licensed, insured, highly rated team at Redefyne Moving will be by your side.

We provide all the services you’ll need, including packing and storage, loading and unloading, labeling, plus preparation of all your belongings with protective supplies.

When you’re ready to get your move on the road and go the distance with confidence and certainty, contact our team. We’ll pack away your worries and help you unload your concerns, so you can reach your destination with your property and peace of mind intact.

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Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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Thor, Ethan and Corey were on time and worked diligently for 9 3/4 hours. They carefully wrapped all the furniture and things not in boxes. They were professional and friendly and kind to our dog too. They worked fast and got everything we asked them to take. They even helped unload a hot tub!  We would highly recommend Redefyne to anyone and especially any of these 3 great guys!

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