How do Commercial Office Movers Differ From Residential Movers?

If you are in the process of planning a commercial or office move, you’re probably also in the process of searching for the perfect moving company to assist you. Much like you would use a residential mover for a house relocation, you need a commercial mover to relocate your office. They each offer distinct things, so it’s important to hire the right team for the job.

Here are some reasons why commercial office movers differ from residential movers. Choosing the right one will ensure the smooth success of your relocation.

Commercial Office Movers Are Trained Professionals

Commercial movers are experienced in the art of business moving and are aware of all the many challenges that can crop up throughout the process. A residential mover that strictly concentrates on home moves won’t necessarily be able to handle the logistics, challenges and capacity of a large commercial move.

Selecting a commercial moving company with specific experience with office moves will ensure the least amount of disruption to your business, putting less stress on your vendors, clients and staff. Commercial movers bring a level of expertise that is absolutely required in the commercial setting. They have more equipment, more trucks and more experience moving large items such as conference room furniture and cubby walls.

Commercial Office Movers Know the Complexity of These Types of Moves

Coordinating an office move takes a lot of attention to detail, knowledge of logistics, and a firm understanding of the timeline at hand. Getting all items from point A to point B, particularly when it comes to new builds or tenant improvements, takes a lot of juggling work to make it happen seamlessly.

While waiting for final construction to be completed, look for a company with extensive experience, as well as one that has worked closely with contractors on office renovation projects in the past. Office movers are trained in the best ways to efficiently move your files, archives and libraries backed by integrity, order and confidentiality. Your files are private and your data is confidential. You want peace of mind knowing those items will be protected at all costs.

Commercial Movers Come With the Right Equipment

Special equipment is needed to move office furniture, files, appliances, computers, TV monitors and more. Your commercial mover will know exactly what equipment and supplies to bring to get the job done quickly and safely.

Residential movers may only bring traditional boxes and bins, whereas a commercial mover will bring a variety of tubs, dollies, oversized boxes, and library carts to ensure protection of all your belongings.

Commercial Movers Can Coordinate Employees

It’s stressful enough moving your belongings to a new location but you can’t forget about your employees and how they will transition smoothly to the new place. Residential movers don’t necessarily have the experience to coordinate employees, or help them pack and prepare for a move, but office move coordinators do. Not only do they help with all the muscle work, they help your employees adjust to the transition and work with you as the owner to provide efficient space planning for your new office.

Commercial Movers Offer Additional Services

Residential movers usually have smaller teams because, on average, home moves are smaller in scope and size. But with commercial office movers, you get access to a larger crew and more equipment so they can respond quickly to snafus and unanticipated requirements. They may also offer many extra add-on services, such as storage management, furniture repurposing, furniture dismantling, and loading and unloading. This poses a big convenience for any business owner because you get everything under one roof.

Commercial Movers Rely on Consistent Crews

Commercial movers usually experience less turnover than residential movers. This translates to consistent crews who can help you with the various phases of your space planning strategy and overall office move. On top of the moving crew, you also get access to an office move coordinator who oversees the whole process and gets to know exactly how your business works. This allows them to customize your move experience to suit your budget and needs.

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Everything about this experience was amazing. They made me feel at ease and took on a very big task with our house. They were kind and wonderful to my children and understanding when I was dealing with a move and three kids. They took time to get to know my children and were very professional. I really enjoyed working with these guys.

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