5 Benefits of Hiring Commercial Office Movers

It’s no secret that moving a business from one location to another is expensive; it can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re a business owner, you know that your budget is everything. You might be wondering if it’s actually worth it to hire a professional moving company or if you’d be better off trying to do it on your own.

Hiring professional office movers is almost always the right decision. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about it.

Read on to learn five benefits of hiring a commercial moving company for your next big move.

1. You’ll Save Time

Every business owner knows that time is money, right? When you hire a commercial moving company, you might think that you’re wasting money. You’re making up for it with all of the time you’re going to save.

Consider how long your office relocation would take if you were to try to do it alone, or even pay your employees to help (as you certainly can’t expect them to do it for free). No matter how many people you have helping you, it’s sure to take more time than you can afford to lose.

Unless you’ve split your team and have half of them already working at the new office, you’re also going to be experiencing significant downtime and business interruptions. You won’t be able to work (and thus make money) until you have everything up and running in your new location.

That means that you may actually end up losing more money than you’d otherwise be spending on hiring a commercial moving company for your business relocation.

Professional movers will make quick work of your office move. They’re trained to be efficient.

On top of this, you’ll still be able to do business (though likely on a smaller scale) while the moving process is happening. You can continue working until all of your office supplies and equipment are being taken from point A to point B.

2. You’ll Protect Your Belongings

You and your employees haven’t been trained to move expensive and large objects. While it may seem easy to load things onto a moving truck, it’s harder than it seems.

When you’re trying to move furniture out of the building and into the truck, can you do so without scratching any floors or denting any walls? Can you avoid damaging the furniture itself?

What about your more expensive items, like your computers? Sure, they’re not as heavy or bulky, but are you positive that you’ll be able to move them from point A to point B without damage? Can you afford to fix them if not?

When you have professional movers taking care of it, you won’t have this problem. They’ve received all of the training they need to move your belongings safely from one location to the other, so you have a far lower risk of damaging either the building or your things.

3. Less Stress for You and Your Employees

Let’s face it: moving is stressful. Even if you’ve never moved from office to office before, you understand the experience of moving from one home to another, and it’s not fun.

Let’s say you’re able to recruit your employees to help you move from one office to the other. You have the money to pay them and you have supplies.

This is going to be stressful, and you’ll likely have to do it after hours (or take up time doing it during the workday). This means that you and your employees may start to feel more stressed about normal work, either due to having less rest after the previous workday or because you’re taking up valuable time.

When you hire professional commercial movers to do the job instead, no one has to deal with all of that extra stress. Your employees can focus on what you hired them for (or take their valuable time off if there’s downtime during the office move).

They’ll appreciate it and have better morale as a result. You’ll also have far less to worry about!

4. No Need to Rent or Buy Equipment

How much money will you really save if you try to move everyone from one office to another on your own?

If you use your employees to help you, you’re still paying for their time (if you can convince them to help you at all). You have to pay for moving trucks, packing materials, and other smaller items, like dollies.

You may even find that you have to hire someone to help you bring your belongings into your new office, especially if the office has stairs and you have large furniture.

At that point, wouldn’t it have made more sense to hire a team of commercial movers instead? They come with packing materials, trucks, and enough workers to make the move a breeze.

5. Commercial Movers Are Licensed and Insured

Moving comes with inherent risks. Luckily, commercial movers are licensed and insured, so you know that you’re in good hands.

Let’s say you’re using your own workers to help you move. If someone gets injured, that’s now your responsibility. When you hire professional commercial movers, they’re already insured and that covers any potential injuries.

Insurance may also cover belongings to some extent (though you should always ask first).

If you’re moving on your own, breaking an expensive piece of equipment is more likely. If you don’t have the money to replace or repair it, you’ll be dealing with a serious setback.

If that item gets damaged in transit by the moving company, they may be able to compensate you.

It’s Time to Hire Commercial Office Movers

Don’t underestimate the benefits of professional moving companies. They’re more than worth the money, and as a matter of fact, you may end up saving money.

Don’t try to handle the struggle of moving from one office to another all by yourself. Let professional office movers take care of it.

Are you a business owner in Fort Worth who’s getting ready for a move? Let Redefyne help. We offer moving, packing, and even storage.

Contact us to request a quote for your commercial move today.

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