A Guide to the Best Portland Neighborhoods

Are you interested in moving to one of the best Portland neighborhoods? Every year about 30,000 people move to Portland. They’re looking to take advantage of the beautiful Portland real estate options or to join the city’s famous hipster culture.

No matter what their reason for moving to the area is, they all need to find somewhere to live. And, part of that is finding their dream neighborhood.

If you’re planning to move to Portland, you should know a little bit about Portland’s neighborhoods. Here’s a quick guide to some of the top Portland neighborhoods you can call home.

Pearl District

The first Portland neighborhood on our list is one of the most sought-after parts of Portland. The Pearl District is home to tons of young professionals and is full of shops, art galleries, restaurants, and nightlife.

In the Pearl District, there’s a little bit of everything. You can find tons of different homes, including repurposed warehouses, midrises, and cozy lofts.

No matter where you choose to live in this neighborhood, you should keep in mind that it’s one of the most expensive parts of Portland. However, the many nightlife and dining options make it well worth the investment.

Downtown Portland

We can’t easily create a guide to Portland neighborhoods without mentioning Downtown Portland. This neighborhood often gets lumped in with the Pearl District, but it’s a pretty distinct part of town.

In Downtown Portland, you’ll have easy access to the rest of the city. Most of the apartments in the area are high-rises and are located near tons of retail shops.

Since Downtown Portland has no sales tax, it’s a hotspot for shopping. You can find unique galleries as well as the Portland Ballet and other cultural offerings.

If you’re looking for good places to eat, there are tons in this part of Portland. Grab some lunch at one of the food trucks or head to Luc Lac for some delicious Vietnamese food.


West End

The West End is a part of Downtown Portland but has its own vibe. You’ll find this neighborhood nestled between West Burnside and Southwest Morrison.

Bookworms love spending time in this neighborhood because it’s home to the stunning bookshop, Powell Books.

Speaking of shops, there are tons of stores for you to check out here. Head over to Union Way or to Bridge & Burn for a relaxing afternoon of retail therapy.

The homes in this neighborhood are primarily apartment buildings. They’re often made out of restored or converted buildings making for a unique vibe.


One of Portland’s more upscale neighborhoods is the stunning Eastmoreland neighborhood. This area has a traditional vibe but doesn’t include tons of commercial spaces.

The area’s streets are lined with trees and offer a wonderful respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown Portland. And, while there aren’t tons of restaurants, it’s close enough to downtown that you can easily head there for a night out.

In the area, there are lots of high-end houses that are known for their beautifully manicured lawns. However, there are still quite a few small apartment complexes that you can rent.

You’ll find some pretty fantastic entertainment opportunities in Eastmoreland. Check out the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden or the Eastmoreland Golf Course for a day outdoors!

Arlington Heights

If you love cityscapes then you’ve simply got to look into living in Arlington Heights. This neighborhood offers sweeping city views and is also home to the International Rose Test Garden.

The area is just a short walk to downtown Portland, making for a quick and convenient living spot for commuters. And, you’ll find a good mix of apartments and private homes in this area.

Lloyd District

Anyone looking for a luxury vibe in Portland should consider the affluent Lloyd District. This area has the Moda Center and the Oregon Convention Center where you can check out theater and musical performances.

In this neighborhood, you’ll find new and stylish condos and apartments. There are a few older apartment buildings here that you can rent for a lower price. That way, you can live in a wealthy and safe area without a huge price tag.


One of Portland’s older neighborhoods is Laurelhurst, which dates back to the early 1900s. This neighborhood has gorgeous vintage houses scattered throughout it.

One of the most popular activities in this neighborhood is touring historic homes. Another activity is to head down to the Music Millennium or the Laurelhurst Theatre for a night of entertainment.


Anyone wanting to get a taste of both suburban living and the perks of city life will love Sellwood-Moreland. This is a family-friendly neighborhood that has some of the best schools in Portland.

Another draw to this neighborhood is that it’s a lot less expensive than many other nearby neighborhoods. It’s a great place to call home whether you’re single or have a big family.

Locals love hanging out at the nearby Oaks Amusement Park, which is home to old-school rides more than 100 years old. They also love picking up treats from the local food trucks and diners.

South Waterfront

Recently, South Waterfront went through a redevelopment period that left it home to several beautiful high-rise buildings. There’s also a car-free bridge in the area as well as the Portland Aerial Tram, both of which are main attractions in the area.

Residents in this neighborhood love the multicultural dining opportunities, including Al Hawr’s Lebanese food or the Vietnamese meals from Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen.

Old Town Chinatown

Old Town Chinatown is an interesting blend of popular nightclubs, commercial offices, and drag burlesque shows. This neighborhood offers some of the best aspects of Downtown Portland, making it a super popular place to live.

While it’s definitely a fun area to call home, you should note that this spot is also pretty pricey. Housing and apartment prices have risen substantially in recent years thanks to the new cocktail bars and dance clubs popping up in the area.

If you do choose to live here, however, you’ll find some great activities. Enjoy the Portland Saturday Market to shop for crafts or head to the Lang Shu Chinese Gardens for a relaxing afternoon outdoors.



For those who love hipster culture, Mississippi is the place to be. This district is home to tons of musical talent, with many pubs and restaurants offering live music performances.

On top of that, the neighborhood is home to Mississippi Records, where you’ll find some gorgeous vinyl for your collection. And, you can get down to The Land for vintage and local homewares.

Another great place to hang out in this area is at the Prost Marketplace, where you can wander among food trucks or sit down at an upscale pub. There are plenty of nearby apartments, making for a convenient and fun location.

North Portland

One of the quirkier parts of Portland is North Portland. This quadrant in the city has tons of delightful eateries but also offers gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside.

Williams Street runs through this neighborhood and is a bustling part of the town. It’s a place where there are tons of shopping and dining opportunities and where you’ll find a very laid-back atmosphere.

North Portland has a unique mix of old and new apartments. Many of them offer fantastic views of the Columbia River or the Willamette River, adding to the appeal!


Hillside is a neighborhood located in Northwest Portland and is famous for the beautiful homes and narrow streets that make up the area. It’s home to the Pittock Mansion Acres and the beautiful Hillside Community Gardens.

If you’re looking for a home in the area, you’ll enjoy the stunning converted historic homes that make up beautiful apartments. The older age of these buildings lowers the price, making them one of the best neighborhoods for first-time movers.

There’s plenty to do in this neighborhood, too. You can head to the Portland Japanese and Rose Gardens, the Oregon Zoo, or Forest Park.


Goose Hollow

If you’re not wanting to stray too far from downtown Portland, you might want to look into moving to Goose Hollow. This neighborhood is one of the oldest parts of Portland, dating back to the late 1800s.

You’ll find tons of amazing hang-out spots in this neighborhood, including the beautiful Providence Park where the Portland Timbers often play. And, you’ll find the Artists Repertory Theatre if you want to catch a show.

You can also head over to one of the many restaurants in the area. Gilda’s Italian Restaurant and Kingston Sports Bar & Grill are a few favorites in this neighborhood.


The southeast corner of Portland is home to both the beautiful Willamette River and the stunning neighborhood of Buckman. This neighborhood has tons of nightlife, retail, and dining options for residents.

In Buckman, you’ll find a liberal and funky vibe that attracts tons of locals thanks to the wide range of breweries and restaurants here. You’ll also find some fantastic restaurants in the area.

A few recommendations for making connections in this area are to head to the weekend pub crawl hosted in the area. You’ll meet new people and make new friends as you venture between bars and indulge in delicious drinks.


In the North and Northeastern parts of Portland, you’ll find a quiet yet diverse neighborhood called Elliot. This area is less commercialized than other parts of Portland and has more of a homey feel to it.

That might be why it’s such a great choice for people moving to Portland with kids. The quieter feel to the neighborhood and lack of large businesses and huge fast-food chains make it a great place to raise a family.

What’s interesting about this neighborhood is that it has several old warehouses that are no longer in use. That could mean that in the future it will become a hotspot for revitalization.

Aside from these old warehouses, you’ll also find older apartments and homes. The age of the housing in this area makes it an affordable place for anyone moving to the area.

University Park

As you might imagine from the name, University Park is the neighborhood that’s home to the University of Portland. This university has plenty of housing for staff and students alike.

What’s great about this neighborhood is that it’s only a few minutes away from downtown. You can either take the local light rail service or can bike into town for work or hanging out.

Speaking of hanging out, one of the most popular haunts in this area is Darcy’s. This bar serves up tasty pub food in an old-school setting that’s relaxing and cozy.

Or, you can head to the Twilight Room where you can keep up with all major sports. Plus, there’s a large pool table in the bar that you can enjoy taking advantage of for a night of fun.


If you’re thinking of moving to Portland, you’ll definitely want to check out  Beaverton. Beaverton is a Portland suburb that gives you all the advantages of city living with all the coziness of small-town living.

In Beaverton, you’ll find a fun and eclectic vibe that’s characteristic of portland. There are tons of shopping and dining spots as well as the Nike headquarters, which brings plenty of people to the area.

Apart from working in Portland, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy as well. The area has over 30 miles of bike paths and trails for you to explore if you want to get outside.

And, if you have other hobbies, you can check out the delicious diners and dessert shops. We recommend checking out Ome Calli, a place that creates delicious handcrafted ice cream.

In terms of apartments and houses, there are plenty of great places at affordable prices. You can get some great amenities at pretty much any apartment you choose, which is one reason why so many people love living here.



One of the smallest neighborhoods in the city of Portland also happens to be one of the neighborhoods with the most amenities. Sabin is that neighborhood and it’s located just to the south of the Alberta Street Arts District.

What’s great about Sabin is that it’s a very family-friendly neighborhood. However, it also offers an eclectic atmosphere that makes it comfortable for singles to live in as well.

If you’re hanging out in the area, head over to Acadia for some delectable creole dishes. Or, you can head to the Rose City Book Pub for a beer and a book to read.

Other favorite hang-out spots in Sabin include the Sabin Community Orchard and the Sabin HydroPark community garden. Both of these spots are fun places to spend a day alone, with friends, or with your family.


The Alameda Ridge is home to the beautiful neighborhood of Alameda. This area is quiet and full of green spaces and offers sweeping views of Downtown Portland.

The neighborhood is quite an old one, full of gorgeous historic homes. You can even find houses that date all the way back to the 1900s!

If you want to spend an afternoon hanging out in this neighborhood, you can head over to Guilder. This popular coffee shop has small menu items as well as delicious craft coffee.

For those who want to spend more time in the town at night, they can keep the fun going at 24 Fremont. This is a great place to catch a live show and listen to some music.

Southwest Hills

If you’re wanting to live in an upscale part of Portland, you might want to investigate Southwest Hills. This neighborhood sits near the Oregon Zoo and Washington Park, making it a great place to get outdoors.

Apart from those attractions, the neighborhood is also near the International Rose Test Garden. And, the Marquam Nature Park makes for another great place to visit on a lazy weekend.

Southwest Hills has a quieter vibe than some of the other Portland neighborhoods you’ll find. Still, it’s only a few minutes from Downtown Portland, making it convenient for commuters.

One of the best features of Southwest Hills is that you get gorgeous views of Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Hood on clear days. The view is truly magnificent and gives you a taste of what living in Portland is all about.

If you want to spend some time dining out in this neighborhood, you’ll need to venture a little way out of the neighborhood. If you like pizza, try checking out Vista Spring Café. You’ll love the beautiful outdoor backdrop just as much as the tasty meals.

Northwest Heights

The west side of Portland is home to Northwest heights, a delightful neighborhood that locals lovingly refer to as Nob Hill. This neighborhood is a rather upmarket area that features tons of gorgeous green spaces.

You’ll notice right away that Northwest Heights is full of trees and forested spaces. You’ll also notice the beautifully manicured lawns of the homes as well as rolling hills that challenge the many cyclists of Portland.

One of the beautiful green spaces in this affluent neighborhood is Forest Park. This is a delightful place for families to hang out or for kids to gather to relax and unwind with their friends.

Northwest Heights doesn’t just contain green spaces, however. You can head to the center of the neighborhood to find some local restaurants such as Pizzicato. Or, you can head over to Heroes American Cafe if you’d rather take a bite out of a classic American hoagie.


One of the trendiest neighborhoods in Portland is Richmond. This unique neighborhood is home to the Hawthorne District, which is a popular hangout spot among locals.

In the district, you’ll find quirky art galleries, delicious eateries, vintage boutiques, and more. It’s a place where people gather to hang out with friends or to spend an afternoon shopping.

The two busy streets of Clinton and Division run right through Richmond as well. The hustle and bustle create an independent and unique spirit where you’ll find colorful properties.

Some of the other unique properties in the area that you’ll find include updated duplexes. Since Richmond is a fast-growing neighborhood, this style of home is increasingly popular for accommodating all kinds of dwellers.


While most of us know Alberta as one of the western provinces of Canada, it’s also a thriving neighborhood in Portland. This neighborhood is bustling with galleries, restaurants, shops, and bars and is home to a vibrant atmosphere.

You’ll notice that the people who hang out in this neighborhood are quite fashionable. That’s probably due to the tons of unique shops and up-and-coming designers who live and work in the area.

art galleries, independent boutiques, and high-end grocery stores are also characteristic of this neighborhood. You’ll find plenty of beautiful artwork and sculptures for decorating your house if you choose to live here!

Central Eastside

If you’re thinking of living in Portland, you might want to consider moving to Central Eastside. This neighborhood was once the old and crumbling warehouse district but is now one of the best Portland neighborhoods you can find.

This neighborhood is home to the art and design scene in the city. You’ll find tons of rehabilitated warehouses as well as mix-use buildings, making for an interesting and diverse neighborhood.

Central Eastside is home to several delightful cafés and restaurants. One of the top cafés to check out in the area is Nossa Familia Coffee, a sustainable specialty coffee shop where you can meet locals and get some work done.

You’ll also enjoy plenty of places to hang out after dark, including at the Cascades Brewing Taproom or at Dig a Pony. Both of these haunts are fantastic places to grab a drink and catch up with coworkers and friends.


Find the Perfect Portland Neighborhood

Portland, Oregon is a hotspot for singles and families alike. And, with this guide to Portland neighborhoods, you’ll have no problem moving to Portland and finding the perfect place to live.

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