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Redefyne Moving is a locally owned family operated business based out of Portland, Oregon. We work primarily in the metro area including Gresham, Oregon but also provide moves throughout the state of Oregon and nationwide on occasion. We are dedicated to redefining your moving experience and providing our clients with a carefree, relaxing moving experience. Our movers are committed to maintaining an excellent customer satisfaction rating. In addition to moving heavy furniture on moving day we also pack boxes, unpack and provide a secure climate-controlled storage space for local and long distance moves. We understand the importance of safety and the delicate nature of some of your items. That's why we take extra precautions to ensure that you possessions are safely moved without damage to your items or your property. Call us today to learn more about our Gresham moving services.

gresham moving company

About Redefyne

Owner operators and partners in business at Redefyne Moving are husband and wife Aaron and Kristina. They believe in providing exceptional moving services that go above and beyond your expectations, redefining your moving experience. Aaron has grown up in the Portland area, and has a deep understanding and respect for the city and surrounding areas. Aaron has over ten years of moving experience, providing his crew members with valuable advice and training on a daily basis. Kristina works in the office and handles paper work. Though she spends most days taking phone calls from their customers, she never hesitates to step in and help out her team or assist on pack jobs. As a team both Aaron and Kristina are committed to doing what it takes to keep customers happy.

Moving Day

Redefyne Moving has prepared a helpful moving day checklist that will assist in planning for and managing a move. We use a checklist like this for most of our moves but this one is designed for the consumer. It goes into detail about when you should start packing, what you should start packing and where to store everything to optimize your moving experience.

Packing Service Gresham, Oregon

Why does moving have to be so stressful? Even if you're just moving down the street it can be a huge pain in the neck, right? Well, not any more. We're here to redefine your moving experience by making it as stress free as possible. We provide Gresham packing services so that you don't even have to pack up your own items. We will pack them in clearly labeled boxes so that everything goes in the right place after your move. Our moving services are likewise designed to make your moving experience pain free and easy going. We take precautions to ensure that your items are safe and that your home is undamaged. We carry insurance in case accidents happen and we are committed to your customer satisfaction.

Furniture Moving Gresham, Oregon

We often have clients call us asking for furniture moving services. You might think that sounds odd but it's actually quite common. Often times we have clients who have packed all their items, moved many of them already but need help getting a king sized bed out of a third story apartment. We also often work with elderly clients who have family helping them with their move but need a little extra muscle to move all the heavy boxes and furniture like entertainment centers, couches, televisions, etc.

Gresham Storage Company

There can often be a period of time between when you move out and when you can actually move into your next place. We know that can be a scary time, so we also offer storage services to keep your items safe and sound while you wait to move in. This service is offered to all of our clients because we know that even if you can move in right away, you don't always have a place for all of your items. We can safely and securely house your items while they wait for a more permanent home. A lot of our customers also find the self storage units to be very frustrating and want something a little more secure and more stress free. Because we move all of your items into and out of our storage facility, you never need to worry about the headaches of maneuvering your stuff in our out. Our large open floor plans also mean we can store more than your average self storage unit at comparable prices. If you're interested in learning more about our Gresham Storage Services or if you would like a quote to compare us against other Gresham Storage Companies, please give us a call today.

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