Looking For A Moving Checklist?

“Have you thought of everything?”  We all go through these thoughts when moving, as it’s a very overwhelming period of time.  That being said, by keeping a checklist handy for your move, the entire move should be much more organized, giving you peace of mind.

Have you forgotten anything for your move?  By using our moving checklist, you can assure you aren’t forgetting anything important.  Checklists are a great way to keep the process nice and organized, while relieving you of any unnecessary stress.  Keeping your checklist on you at all times is important, too, to ensure it doesn’t get misplaced.

The minimum time frame you should give yourself to plan a move is 2 months.  And by following this checklist, we hope we can help turn your move into a massive success.

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Moving Checklist for Two Months Prior

  • Get in contact with the movers you’ve decided on to schedule your moving day.
  • Create a floor plan for your new home to properly place furniture and appliances.
  • Write down a list of all of your household goods and start cleaning up various clutter (start with places such as the basement, garage, attic, or any other storage areas).
  • Start a file for all paperwork necessary during your move (receipts, estimates, etc).
  • Plan to transfer school records.
  • Make sure your new home is ready for the move – Get in contact with painters, plumbers, carpenters, roofers, etc. so that your new home is ready when moving day comes.  Also be sure to change the locks on every door in your new home.  Creating an additional, personal checklist for these tips is highly suggested!


Moving Checklist for Six Weeks Prior

  • Pick up and fill out change-of-address cards from the post office.
  • Sign up for the paper in your new hometown to learn more about the community you’re moving into
  • Look into storage options (if necessary)
  • Ask your doctor/health plan provider about referrals, and pick up all your medical records.
  • Have any antiques, pieces of art, and other valuables appraised.
  • Clean out all your closets and drawers
  • Start using up any foods or cleaning supplies that cannot be moved

Moving Checklist for Four Weeks Prior

  • Look into scheduling disconnections from all utility services from your old home, and have them reconnected at your new one.  Make sure you disconnect the day after you leave, and reconnect the day before you arrive.  If you still have “last month” deposits with services along the lines of telephone companies, request a refund.
  • Confirm details with your movers.
  • If you’re doing some packing yourself, pick up some packing materials and start packing items you won’t need until after you finally move into your new home.
  • Make arrangements for cleaning and furniture/drapes/carpet repair.
  • Make arrangements for transportation specifically for any pets or plants, if necessary.
  • Check in with your insurance company to see what kind of coverage you have on your belongings during transit.
  • Make any necessary travel plans for your move.
  • Look into if you require any moving permits.
  • Plan for your moving sale.  Remember to check in with local authorities about potential restrictions.
  • Collect any and all important records- gather family and personal records, including medical and dental, legal and financial documents, birth certificates, veterinary and school records, insurance documents, and passports.

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Moving Checklist for Three Weeks Prior

  • Dispose of any and all items that cannot be moved, such as flammable liquids.
  • If moving out of state, look into auto registration for transfer
  • If you are moving in or out of an apartment, check to make arrangements to use the elevator.
  • Make arrangements for child care on moving day, if necessary.
  • Hold your moving sale.

Moving Checklist for Two Weeks Prior

  • Dispose of anything not sold during your moving sale, be it by donating or throwing away
  • Service your care in preparation for your move.  Check your antifreeze if you’re moving from a warm climate, to a cold climate.
  • Return any borrowed items (E.g: library books) and retrieve any loaned belongings.
  • Unsubscribe from newspaper delivery.
  • Notify any creditors of your move.
  • Transfer prescriptions (if necessary) and make sure you have an adequate supply of medications handy during the move.
  • Assemble a folder of files for information the new owner of your old home will need.
  • Send change-of-address cards to any and all people who will need to contact you.
  • Pick up your laundry- Laundry tickets can be easy to misplace, so make sure to ask for your things by name and not just by any receipts you might have.
  • Put aside crucial items like a checkbook, credit cards, ID, personal phone book, keys, toiletries, flashlight, paper plates, cups, tools, towels, aspirin, travel alarm clock, bandages, and toys/games for kids.  Also pack a suitcase with clothing and any other personal belongings.

Moving Checklist for The Day Prior

  • Transfer bank accounts
  • Take animals to vet for immunization (if necessary).
  • Settle any bills with local business.
  • Close and empty your safe-deposit box
  • Find new spots for plants that won’t be moved
  • Drain any power equipment of oil and gas.  Drain all water hoses.
  • Confirm any reservations for travel.
  • Let movers pack your belongings (unless it’s a do-it-yourself move).
  • Defrost freezer/refrigerators, propping doors open.
  • Drain your waterbed.
  • Disconnect and prep major appliances for your move.
  • Set aside anything that will travel in your car so it won’t be loaded on the truck
  • Pack a box of items that you’ll need first thing once you’re moved in.  Make sure to clearly label the box as “Move Last”
  • Obtain traveler’s checks or cash for the trip and to pay your movers.
  • Confirm arrival time of your moving truck/van
  • If moving yourself, dismantle beds and other large furniture

Moving Checklist for Moving Day

  • Be sure someone is present at the old house to answer questions the movers might have.
  • Note any and all utility meter readings.
  • Double check your old house before leaving to confirm you haven’t left anything important behind.

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Moving Checklist for Delivery Day

  • Supervise unloading and unpacking
  • If paying for an interstate move, be sure to pay the driver before your possessions are unloaded.
  • Be prepared to pay your movers with cash, traveler’s checks, or a certified check (unless other arrangements have been made in advance).

We hope that after following our moving checklist, that you’ve found success in your move, with as little stress as possible.  Our professional team of movers are happy to not only assist with your move, but also happy to review your own checklist and remind you of some important factors throughout the process.

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