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Considering relocating in the near future? Then you will most likely need moving company to help you. Since the weather in Portland is generally improving, it might be time for you to begin looking for the best movers you can find. So where does one begin and what should you be looking for in a quality moving company? Before the movers arrive, make an effort to seriously go through your home and remove items you no longer want or need. Throwing a yard sale is a wonderful way to rid your home of unnecessary belongings. There is no need to pay more to transport things you no longer wish to have. So dedicate time to deciding what your true valuables are. It is also important to be mindful of the size of the moving truck because some neighborhoods in Portland prohibit local street access to vehicles over a certain gross vehicle wight. The driver must then transfer your belongings into a smaller vehicle in order for them to reach the final destination, costing you more money.

Don’t forget that a similar scenario may also arise if you’re moving into a high rise condo. You need to make arrangements with your building for use of the elevator, or special freight elevator, prior to moving day. You must also inform the moving company that an elevator must be used. It is critical to the success of a stress free move to inform the movers of all details so no one is surprised or unprepared on moving day. Make sure the movers know about any complications, for instance parking, road access, street accessibility, delivery time restrictions or the presence of any stairs or elevators involved. All of theses challenges can add to the cost of your move. If your new home is located on a busy street, make sure to reserve a parking space for the moving truck. Some moving companies charge an excessive distance fee for belongings that must be carried more than 75ft from the moving truck. Many moving companies will also charge more to move large items, such as pianos. Finally, make sure your Portland movers are licensed and insured and be very clear in regards to the coverage intended for loss or damaged items during shipment. All licensed movers must supply liability insurance coverage for the value of the items being transported. Make sure you understand the quality of protection provided and what additional charges may apply.

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