Keep Oregon Businesses Going 

The unique state of Oregon is known for its distinct businesses. For over 10 years, Redefyne Moving has provided professional and efficient commercial & office moving services to both residents and businesses alike. Redefyne Moving offers competitive rates for all professional packing and commercial moving services in Oregon. 

Our founder, Aaron Schaller, began Redefyne Moving in Oregon over a decade ago with just a furniture dolly and one rental truck. Since then, Redefyne Moving has grown into one of the top commercial moving companies in Oregon that redefined office moving. We offer everything from packing using high-quality materials to the transportation and unloading of your office equipment and furniture. 

Commercial moving companies need to be reliable, efficient, and organized in order to meet deadlines and work within the set budget.  At Redefyne Moving, we prioritize our customers’ needs so relocating or expanding their business can be a smooth transition. We have redefined what office moving companies are, making ours stand out just like our wonderful state of Oregon. 

Redefining Commercial & Office Movers in Oregon

Redefyne Moving has specialized in commercial and office moves for over 10 years. It doesn’t matter if you have a 300 square foot office space or 300 cubicles, Redefyne Moving will make sure your workspace is back up and running in no time. From moves in high-rise buildings in downtown Portland to office parks in the suburbs, we can handle it all. And trust us, we have. 

Our commercial crews specialize in moving all sorts of offices including professional office spaces, restaurants, medical offices, educational facilities, retail stores, and more. Rain or shine, our professionals are experienced in moving office equipment, furniture, wall art, fragile and bulky items. That’s why Oregon businesses trust the reliable and exemplary services we offer. 

Our clients also trust our customer service department as much as our office movers. You can feel confident in our office movers – whatever questions, comments, concerns, or last-minute adjustments you may have, our customer service team is only a phone call away. 

Contact our Commercial & Office Movers 

Call us today for a no-obligation in-person estimate. Our commercial moving crews can customize a plan to make moving offices simple and efficient.  We offer competitive rates for our commercial & office moving services to help keep you on schedule. 

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