Tips From Portland Movers On Saving Money During Your Move

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When you’re moving, there’s going to be a lot more spending than just the moving part. But there’s numerous ways to help save on the grand total of it all. To start off with, try to minimize how much you move along with you. Whether you throw them out, donate, or sell those items doesn’t matter. The less you have, the more you end up saving. The same goes with any food you may have left over. Try your best to go through all your food to help minimize the cost of food following your big day. If you’re unable to eat it all, consider donating the rest of your non perishable food to a local food bank.

You can also save money while you’re still in the packing stage. The earlier you start packing, the better. Use the extra time you have to find cheap or even free moving supplies. This will also allow you to have more time in finding things to get rid of before you move. Another good idea during this process is to pack a box for all your necessities. If you have all your emergency items packed separately and kept with you during the move, the less likely you are to buy new items, since it won’t be far in the back of the truck.

Hiring the right moving company can help you save a lot of money as well. You’ll want to do some research before you hire. If a company has reviews saying their movers move slower, you’ll end up paying a lot more, and it’ll take longer. Try to find a moving company that moves fast and efficiently. You may also want to consider between September and April, since this is considered off season for them. May through August tend to be their busiest period, and they’ll usually increase rates during this time.

There’s a lot more tips and information on how to save money when moving. If you want to read more you can click here to view the full article.

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