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Thanksgiving Decorating Tips on a Budget

Fall has finally arrived! That means pumpkin spice lattes and dusting off your Thanksgiving decorations. At Redefyne Moving, we cannot get enough of the holiday season. From the changing of the leaves to the time spent with family and friends, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. With all this seasonal spirit, we are over the moon to help you decorate for Thanksgiving on a budget.

How To Decorate for Thanksgiving on a Budget

Our Oregon moving company knows that Thanksgiving decorations can be on the pricier side, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to break the bank. When it comes to decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget, there are so many great ideas certain to steal the show without hurting your wallet. Whether you take the more traditional route, or you’re up for the challenge of doing some DIY décor with the kids, follow our guide to captivating your friends and family at the next holiday dinner.

Keeping it Traditional

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take a more traditional route. Incorporating cornucopias is a symbol of abundance and bounty and is the perfect centerpiece for your dinner table. You can spice up your cornucopia with plenty of fresh fruits or vegetables like mini pumpkins, grapes, and apples. Our Portland local movers agree it is a timeless inclusion to your home this holiday season.

This fall season, find other small items to bring season’s greetings into your home, including turkey-shaped salt and pepper shakers. Additionally, incorporate plenty of pumpkins, squash, and corn around your home; we believe it can make for the perfect table décor in your entryway. Don’t forget the mood lighting. Based on the color scheme of your choice, find glass candle holders and put different colored candles to help set the mood for dinner.

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Are you up for the challenge of creating your Thanksgiving decorations? We have plenty of ideas for decorating on a budget that you can do alone or with the kids. Our Portland movers are here to inspire your inner DIYer, so warm up your hot glue guns as we offer more helpful advice on how to decorate for Thanksgiving on a budget.

Pinecones Are Fall’s Best Friend

Pinecones are a simple way to decorate your home for the holidays. A beautiful inclusion to decorate entryways is by creating a pinecone garland. It is so easy, even the kids can help. Simply find mini pinecones and, using a ½-inch cup hook, screw them into the top of your pinecones. Using your choice of ribbon, just hook the pinecones on and hang them in your desired location — So simple, so timeless.

Another great opportunity to decorate with pinecones this season is by creating a pinecone wreath. At your local craft store, pick up a base for the wreath, twine, and any string lights or flowers you may want to include. Wrap your twine around the wreath as your base and hot glue the pinecones to your DIY wreath. After you have covered the wreath, it’s time to add your own personal preference, adding evergreen cuttings or artificial leaves. This is a fun project to do and will last for years to come!

Give Thanks Banner

Another easy DIY thanksgiving decorating idea for kids is creating a banner. Simply write out what you would like for it to say on thick clipboard letters, and have the kids paint or decorate them. Once you have attached it to a garland, it will be the perfect wall decoration to welcome visitors into your home.

“Leaf” it Up to the Kids

When decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget, a great addition for the kids is decorating your dining room table with dried fall leaves. Send the children on a mission outside to collect the best fall leaves they can possibly find, then give the leaves at least a day or two to dry out. Using a white felt-tip pen, have your family and friends write what they are grateful for this season and scatter them atop the dinner table. It is such a fun way to have everyone take part in the decorating process and express their gratitude.

Our Portland storage company loves finding new and exciting ways to dazzle our homes this time of year. We understand how stressful it may be for some, and believe that decorating for Thanksgiving on a budget should be not only fun but stress-free.

If your home is cluttered and you need the extra space this fall season, call one of our representatives for a free quote on our Redefyne storage services. At Redefyne Moving & Storage we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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