Residential Moving Services

At Redefyne Moving our goal is to redefine your moving experience. When most people think of moving the first thing that comes to mind is stress and money. We pay extra attention to ensuring each and every move is as stress free as possible and our rates are among the best in Oregon. Our full line of services include residential and commercial moving as well as packing and storage services so that no matter what the situation we can handle all of your moving needs. This reduces stress for our customers by allowing them to only deal with one company for the whole moving process. From start to finish we are available for packing, moving and storing all of your items for any length of time even if there are several months in between the time you move out and the time you move in to your next place. For more information about our local Portland residential moving service rates please visit our residential rates page.

Distance to Travel

The distance we have to travel during your move can affect your rate. That being said our local moving rates are among the best in the Portland, Oregon area and we also offer long distance moving solutions for moves that require going all the way across or out of state.

Number of Movers

In the very least you will always get two movers for your move. This means that you have the strength and support needed for the whole process. Depending on the size of your home we also offer 3-4+ movers if needed. Our packing and furniture moving services sometimes vary in the amount of staff we will have on hand and our team of experts will consult you on how many is the right amount for your home.

Size Of The Move

The size of the move is very important. It's imperative that we have the right amount of people on hand to move all of your items properly. If you have a smaller home with a lot of large or awkward furniture we may need another mover on the job. Likewise if you have a large home but not a lot to move, we can downgrade to a few less people. This flexibility is important for a number of reasons but primarily it saves you money and ensures that the job is done quickly and safely.

Packing Services

We offer a packing service that's unmatched by our competitors. If you are overwhelmed with your move and need assistance packing up all your items we have the materials and staff to help. Many of our customers are extremely busy with work and other things so it's often a big help to have someone come into the home and box everything up for them before the move.

Furniture Moving

For those of you who aren't moving but simply getting new furniture, dealing with a moving company can be a headache. Many of the other residential moving companies in Portland don't cater to this need. We do, and as one of our goals of redefining your moving experience we can help move furniture whether its being replaced or being moved throughout the home.


Our storage facility is safe, secure and capable of housing a vast amount of items. If your move requires it we are available to store all of your homes items during the moving process.