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Redefyne Moving Referral Program

Scroll down the page to track your points or see more information about prizes.  If you haven't signed up for our referral program yet, please click the appropriate button below and let us know you're interested.

Prize Examples


Disney Vacation

28,000 Points

Gift cards for sale in Walgreens at Miami Beach. (Photo by: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Gift Cards

4,000 Points

prize 6

Wind Tunnel Fun

5,000 Points

Points tracking

Updated Weekly

JJ Green 2,560
Bill McKee 0
Bruno Stevens 25
John Smith 1,200

Referral Programs Details

  • Each Referral gets $20 instantly
  • Every dollar spent = 1 point
  • Points can be cashed in in December
  • Points can roll over to the next year if you so choose
  • Earn a vacation, gift cards, brand new tv, airpods, and more more!

More Prize Examples

prize 1

New Television

18,000 Points

prize 2

Apple Airpods

5,000 Points

prize 4

Excotic Vacation

88,000 Points

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