Redefyne Expands to Offer Sacramento Moving Services

Moving is opening up our second location in Sacramento. Movers are now available to help people move to and from Northern California. We offer services to both residential and commercial clients, helping them make a smooth and hassle free transition from one location to the next. The company is excited to expand and offer these new services to a brand new market.

As an experienced moving company working in Portland, OR, we have built a solid reputation with homeowners and businesses. We have the knowledge and skills required for a variety of moving situations. If you have issues with heavy items, narrow stairways, or tight hallways, we have developed solutions for it all. Our team of professional movers will take the hassle out of relocating and are fully equipped to move your property and belongings efficiently and securely. We are also fully licensed and certified as movers, an important thing to look for when you’re working with a moving company.

If you’re looking for movers in the Sacramento Area, Redefyne Moving provides you with the fast, efficient services that help you move swiftly, safely, and easily. We also provide short and long term storage solutions if you’re in between properties.  You can check out our estimated moving times and prices for professional moving teams or call (916) 692-8499 for more information. The Sacramento office is located at 4451 Gateway Park Blvd #655, Sacramento, California 95834.