Long Distance Movers – Rates

Redefyne Moving provides fast, safe, reliable, and affordable long distance moving services in Portland, Oregon and beyond.
Moving long distance is a stressful and arduous experience. You’re uprooting your entire life and moving it far away from the support you’re used to. At Redefyne Moving, we want to help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible because we know how tough it is. Our number one priority is ensuring that your big move goes off without a hitch.
While we’re known as one of the premier moving services in Oregon, we’re not limited to this state. Whether you’re moving to California, Washington, Idaho, or some place even farther away, Redefyne Moving can make sure that all your belongings come with you safely.
We offer free onsite moving estimates to provide the most accurate quote. We can also provide detailed estimates for different packing, moving, and storage scenarios including photo inventory lists via email. Long distance moves require a large amount of trust between client and moving company, which is why Redefyne Moving emphasizes transparency and integrity in all business dealings. Please give our friendly office team a call for more details.


How We Redefyne Long Distance Moves

  • Unlike other moving companies, we see your move through from beginning to end.
  • Free, no pressure estimates.
  • We never hand your household goods to a third party. We’re responsible for your cherished possessions from start to finish.
  • We provide specific delivery dates, down to the hour, and we stick to it.
  • We offer safe and secure storage until your new home is ready.
  • All our employees have passed background checks and drug tests to ensure that they can be trusted with your most valuable belongings.

Who we are

Redefyne Moving is a locally owned and operated moving company in Portland, Oregon. With professional Portland movers equipped to handle both local moves and long distance moves across the country, we are ready and prepared to handle all long distance moves—both large and small. We are dedicated to transporting your belongings safely. Our Portland team of experienced Portland movers are hand-selected and all have passed extensive background checks and drug screenings. Redefyne Moving understands what integrity means, and knows how to get the job done right.