Why should you choose Redefyne Movers as your Portland moving company?


Expert Movers in Portland
Moving away can make you anxious. You are leaving behind the comforts of familiar territory and embracing a change in your atmosphere. As challenging a life event as it is, packing your stuff and moving it to your new home will only add to the stress. That’s why you should seek help from a professional who can make the transition easy by taking care of your packing and moving needs. With over 11 years of experience, we, at Redefyne Movers, treat your personal belongings like our own and take the utmost care in packing, and relocating them to the right place.

On-time Completion
We value time, and that’s why we take deadlines seriously. We take pride in having the fastest and most reliable service in Portland. Give us your requirements and leave the rest to us. With our expert staff and vast network, we’ll have your belongings packed and delivered well within time. Check out the latest moving tips.

Save time and money
Moving can be overwhelming. Instead of spending your precious time packing and lugging your belongings around all by yourself, use those hours to spend time with your friends. You can give us a call to our Portland office, and we’ll be at your doorstep to cater to all your needs. You save not only time and effort, but also money by depending on just one professional to take care of all your requirements.

Customized moving
Are you someone who loves to pack because it gives you a chance to relive memories? We understand your emotions and hence, have customized moving options. You can choose to use our services only to move your already-packed belongings or employ us for a full moving service. We also have residential, commercial, and long-distance moving options, along with only packing and storage facilities. 

Door-to-door Service
We take our job as movers seriously. Our team in Portland will offer complete door-to-door services like crating and blanketing fragile items, disassembling and reassembling furnishings and equipment. We also give inputs on where to place that beautiful Ming vase you bought on your last trip. You can also check our reviews.

No sub-contracting
Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we have the wherewithal to handle both local moves and long-distance moves. That’s possible because we have the support of a talented and dedicated workforce that’re experts at handling a multitude of situations. As we don’t subcontract our job, we offer greater accountability and personal care for our customers.

Completely Protected & Insured
With tight packaging and safety movement, there’s very little chance that any of your items would break or bend. But in that rare case scenario where an item gets broken, we have an insurance option to cover you.

Value for Money
Moving can not only be emotionally draining, but may also put a financial strain on you. That’s why we offer you our best at an affordable rate. Our prices are fair, and for the par excellence service, it’s great value for your money.

Highly Equipped Trucks
For your various requirements, we have different kinds of vehicles, varying in size and capacities. From minivans to trucks, you can choose what best suits the volume of your belongings. Thanks to the availability of trucks at our disposal, we don’t mix shipments with others. What’s more, you can also track your shipment truck through our app.

Licensed & Insured Firm
Redefyne Movers is a licensed and insured moving firm located in Portland, which means we abide by laws that govern our business. Ask our executives anytime for the license and insurance info, and we’ll be happy to provide you with details.

Instant Pricing
Our rates are all-inclusive, and that means no surprise when you settle the tab! With our instant pricing policy, you can get a free estimate and choose your package according to your needs. Just call us or visit us online to get the quote. You can also meet us in-person at our Portland office.

Good Customer Support
We take pride in our excellent on-ground support, who are trained professionals with years of experience behind them. They go through a rigorous training procedure before being hired and come with an impeccable personal and social record. Our staff is friendly, understanding, and has excellent interpersonal skills. It makes it easier for customers to communicate and convey their requirements. We also have a crew of professional customer support executives who provide back-end support, like providing instant pricing and tracking of shipments.

No Hidden Charges
Our pricing policies are customer-friendly. We charge you by the inventory of belongings you want to move, and not by the hours we work to complete your job. Our charges include mileage, tolls, on-road cost and driver’s time, and are given to you officially before you start the move. There will be no hidden charges and last-minute surprises. 

Instant & Easy Quote
All it takes is a click of a button to receive an estimate or simply fill out the form online, and the tentative quote will reach you in a few minutes. Alternatively, you can speak to our representative, who can help you with an instant quote.

Trained & Certified Movers in Portland
Our employees are our valued assets. They complete an extensive training program on moving modules and customer care principles before being hired. They understand the importance of efficient packing, labeling, and treating your belongings as their own. With incentives for completing a job on time, with zero damage, they have more reasons than one to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

A local company in your place
We’re based in Portland, Oregon, and know our neighborhood like the back of our hand. With services extending to almost all the local areas, it’d be a pleasure to welcome you and settle you down in this place we call our home.

Do I need a Moving company?
Relocating to a new neighborhood, or sometimes a new country, can be a troublesome job. That’s why you need to seek the help of a professional to be in complete control. For one, it takes the stress away –your days are occupied with sorting bills, transferring accounts, changing the address for all essential communications, and also continuing with office work. So, don’t add to the stress by deciding to pack all by yourself. 

Save time by hiring experts to do that job for you. A pro at what they do, the movers can easily, and with doubled efficiency, pack and label your belongings safely and move them to your new destination. You also save money by avoiding multiple trips. Browse through these Things To Know Before You Move Out or check out this Interactive checklist.

Professional movers have well-equipped trucks at their service that are the best fit for the job. With years of experience, they complete the job on time, ensuring the safety of your belongings, and above all, leaving you with peace of mind.


Types of Moving Services We Offer

Long-distance Moving: Moving across the state is different from moving between the states. We are licensed and insured to help you make that shift. Make use of our customized plans, storage facilities, and goods protection options to make your transition smooth. We are experts in doing Long Distance Moving services in Portland.

Local Moving: Many choose to cut down on the cost of relocating a short distance by opting for independent movers, but they might not be professionals who cover you on all grounds, like insurance. Be it moving across the street or in the neighborhood; you can choose from our packages based on the size of your inventory, time, and other requirements. 

Packing and Unpacking: Our crew takes care of all kinds of packing. It includes full packing, partial packing, or only packing, assembling, installing furniture and electronics. We also offer custom crating services for fragile items like mirrors and antiques. We are not only pros at packing, but also unpacking, installing, and cleaning up debris.

Commercial Moving: Moving a whole commercial set-up is time-consuming. That’s where we step in. We can help you transfer your stocks, accounts, computers, and terminals to your new address, clean up, and remove all debris, and set up the new space as well. Regardless of the size of your commercial holdings, we manage your move so you can concentrate on just the business. 

Residential Moving: Moving to a new residence is a demanding task. Trust us to make that job easier. We do everything from packing the household items, utensils and furniture to that grand piano and boxes of clothes. We also cover them with a protective lining and crate them with extra care to deliver them on-time. We can make your new house your home.

Apartment Moving: A slightly complicated procedure involving demanding landlords, probably non-cooperative neighbors, narrow staircases, and inconvenient parking spaces can be overwhelming. But leave it to our professionals to make that job a breeze for you.

Office Relocation: Relocating to a new office? We’ve got you covered. From packing up work spaces to transporting furniture, computers and networking equipment, and setting up your business again, we do it all. Contact us now!

International Move: We understand the international moving process and hence, help our customers with all the mandates. We help them with transfer documents, customs clearance, and even a list of items that can and can’t be moved across borders. We pack according to customs mandate, provide insurance, and also tie up with other service providers, like cargo carriers. We will make sure you settle down in your new country without any hassle.


FAQs - Moving Services in Portland

1) How long does it take for the process?
It depends on several factors, like the size of your shipment, the distance of the move, weather conditions, the time required to pack, load and unload, and customs clearance, if required. We provide customers with tracking numbers through which they can find out the location of their shipment. Rest assured, we pride ourselves by delivering on time.

2) Will you pack and move plants?
We generally do not recommend moving plants because of the lack of light, and being subjected to the heat of being inside a moving truck usually cause them to wilt and die. Also, certain states have strict policies regarding allowing plants inside their neighborhood. So, it’s advisable to check the rules before taking your plants with you in your vehicle.

3) Can I include any valuable items like jewelry?
Yes, you can include valuables like jewelry, cash, and antiques in the shipment, but we recommend you to inform our representative before packing. Make sure you include the item and its value in the inventory. We strongly recommend customers to carry such high-value items with themselves when relocating.

4) Can I include my pets?
No, We cannot carry the pets in the shipment. Pets are part of your family, and it’s ideal that they travel with you in the family car or take the same transport that you do.

5) Is it possible to move during bad weather?
Yes, our experienced movers and well-equipped truck can do the job even when the weather is bad. We are adept at tackling torrential rain, sleet, or snow, and our thorough packing will keep your belongings safe from all these elements. However, inclement weather may affect our delivery time.


Types of Storage We Offer

Household Storage
Are you running out of storage space in your basement and attic? We provide you with a household storage option, where you can safely lock away your personal belongings and have access to them at any hour of the day or night. Be it those stacks of books that you didn’t have time to unpack or those painting supplies you want to stash, our storage facility is your best bet for you. With round-the-clock monitoring and gated access, your items are always safe with us.

Commercial Storage
If you are relocating your office/shop or renovating the interiors, stop worrying about what to do with your office property like furniture, goods, extra computers, and retail fixtures. With a flexible leasing policy and competitive prices, our commercial storage services can bail you out.  Just let our packers do their job, and you rest easy.

Warehouse Storage
We have storage units that have your business in mind. So, stop worrying about space as you take new inventories, expand your business, and reach newer heights. Accommodate your files, documents, packages, and surplus goods in our climate-controlled storage units that are monitored 24X7. We also offer additional services like taking delivery of packages with written consent.

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