Hispanic Family Moving Into New Home


Five Weeks Before The Move

    • Create A Master List

      This should contain everything that needs to be completed including cancelling and setting up electrical, water, sewage, natural gas and garbage services at the new home. Also be sure to include a list of supplies that you will need for the move. If you have any pianos or large equipment that will require a specialized team or heavy machinery to move make note of it on your master list.

    • Clean Out The Closets

      Closets can get cluttered with old stuff and you will probably end up throwing away a lot of it. Also clean out drawers, shelves, cupboards, chests, etc. and divide everything into four groups: Stuff you will throw away, stuff you will recycle, stuff you will give away or sell at a yard sale, and stuff you will keep.

    • Have A Garage Sale

      Sell everything that you put into the yard sale group. Everything that you don’t sell, give to a Goodwill or Salvation Army donation center.

    • Send Change of Address Forms

      Send out the change of address forms needed for magazine subscriptions, newspaper delivery, etc. Arrange to have your mail forwarded to the new address with the post office. Begin the process for changing address on driver’s license, passport, etc.

    • Notify Utilities

      Contact the cable company, alarm company, lawn maintenance, utilities, etc. and notify them about your new address and moving dates.

    • Eat All The Food

      Well not all of it. But eat as much of the food you have as you can before you move so you don’t have to move it. If possible avoid making huge grocery runs so that your cupboards will slowly empty themselves over the next few weeks.

    • Contact Insurance

      Get a hold of your insurance provider, and setup a policy for your new home. Make sure that the old policy is set to cancel the day after moving day.

    • Research

      If you haven’t already researched the schools in the new neighborhood, do it now. You will need to register your children at nearby schools at this point in time.

    • Call The Cleaners

      Have all of your upholstery and rugs cleaned. Book window and gutter cleaners before you move.

    • Call The Movers

      Find a moving company that works in your area. If you are doing the packing purchase boxes and other packaging materials that may be needed from a moving supply store.

    • Start Packing

      Dont pack up everything since you will need a lot of it over the next few weeks. Make sure you pack up things that wont be heavily used in the next few weeks. Store all of the boxes out of the way but in a place that’s easily accessible. A family room or guest room is a great idea. Avoid stashing them in the basement or attic, that will make your move take longer (if you hire movers that means it will cost you more) and annoy anyone helping you move.

    • Visit The New Place

      If possible visit your new home to measure doorways and find any potential choke points for your furniture. Having a plan going into moving day is critical, if you don’t know what you’re up against, it can be a losing battle.

    • Plan Updates

      Schedule painters, and any other contractors that you will need to make updates to the new place



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