Money Saving Tips for Your Move

Whether your moving across the country for a new job or just to a new home across town, moving can be an expensive proposition. There are many things you can do to save money and cut costs. Be prepared in advance! Several weeks before the move, make a list, a moving checklist. Being prepared can not only save you time, but it could save you money so you don’t forget anything important that may cost you more at the last minute. Be sure that you pack in a box or bag that is going with you, a complete change of clothes for everyone in the family, a set of linens for your bed, toiletries, and a couple roles of toilet paper.

Save money on moving boxes. You could always go visit the standard places like grocery and liquor store for boxes, or you could spend way too much on new boxes, but the point is to save money not waste it. Why not swing by a few of the local apartment complexes around the first week of the month, that’s generally when new tenants move in. Ask them if you can take their used boxes off their hands for them, more than likely you can get them for next to nothing if not free. Buy your packing tape at the local hardware store instead of a grocery store or office supply store, you can save several dollars that way. Also, after your move, look for a couple houses in your area with for sale signs in the yard and see if they want or need your used boxes.

Save money on packing materials by using your bed linens to pack your kitchen items. Sure you could use newspaper, but then you have to wash all your things before you can put them away or use them. By using your linens, it will actually add a bit more padding than paper plus there is no washing of the dishes, only the sheets and towels. You can also use towels and rugs to protect breakable objects when packing. If you realize that you have too much stuff, have a sale. Sell off some of the things that you really just don’t need to take with you. Not only will you have less stuff to move, but you will make a little money too. These are only a few tips to save money, but moving yourself is a big task, one that many folks think they can handle themselves. So if you look around and think this is way too much for me after all, call your local Portland, OR Movers and let them handle everything.