How to Declutter Before You Move

There is no need to bring your unwanted items to your new home. Save time, space, and money by decluttering before you relocate. From old clothes to damaged sports equipment, it’s time to declutter your home in order to move into your new place with a clean slate. Our dedicated movers in Portland are here to share a few decluttering tips for your home to help you prepare for your next chapter.

Decluttering Tips for Your Home

Follow these steps if you are unsure how to declutter. Avoid bringing unnecessary items to your new home with these tips and tricks.

  • Don’t procrastinate

The number one tip when decluttering your home is to give yourself enough time. Decluttering your home is a hefty, time-consuming task you do not want to procrastinate on. It’s highly recommended you begin the decluttering process at least two weeks in advance. Having a busy schedule is no excuse. Try your best to set aside an hour each day to tackle a few areas of your home. Working in smaller chunks of time will help the process go faster without overwhelming you. The key is to have good time-management skills.

  • Organize your items

The decluttering process includes organizing your items. Throwing all your belongings into boxes is not effective and will, in time, clutter your new place. Instead, go room-by-room to sort through your belongings. Our Portland storage company suggests putting your items into three piles: keep, donate, or sell. If you do not have enough space in your new home, you can utilize our storage units to store your items safely. While you are organizing your items, set aside a pile of items you want to take with you or store in your storage unit in Portland. Use your best judgment of practicality when determining which items you need with you in your new home.

  • Check all expiration dates

An excellent tip if you are unsure how to declutter is to check all expiration dates. Go through your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other areas in your home and check the expiration dates on your items. There is no need to bring expired makeup, cleaning products, coffee, tea bags, and more. Say goodbye to your half-empty shampoo bottle that has been collecting dust under your bathroom sink. Toss your old products to avoid bringing unwanted items into your new place.

  • Donate unwanted belongings

Now that you have organized your belongings and checked through your expiration dates, it’s time to throw out, sell, or donate your unwanted belongings. Our Portland long-distance movers know you will be happier after you get rid of all your clutter and give your unwanted items a new home. Choose to bring your items that are still in good condition to a local charity to give to someone in need.


Now that you are more familiar with how to declutter, it’s time to focus on your upcoming relocation. Choose the experts at Redefyne Moving to help you every step of the way. Contact us today if you have any questions about decluttering your home or you need help moving.

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