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Essential Tips for Comparing Moving Quotes

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Moving can be an exciting, and stressful period of time.  From planning out how each belonging needs to be packed, finding the right movers to work with, to making sure you have moving day essentials prepared- we know the entire process can be overwhelming.  One of the most important pieces of planning your move is choosing between movers and comparing their quotes.  If you’re struggling with choosing between one mover and another, we have some tips to offer when it comes to comparing movers quotes, to help make the process easier- allowing you to push your focus towards the rest of the move as soon as possible.

Tips Comparing Moving Quotes


1. Make Sure You’re Comparing Reasonably

Moving within Oregon state means all moving rates are regulated- but they can still vary.  The quotes you receive from one moving company versus another can be dependent on a few factors.  These factors include how many trucks they use, how many movers they bring along, and how many hours it takes.  Even moving during a Holiday season can affect the prices.  So, when choosing between moving companies, make sure you receive an estimate from each mover you’re looking into.  A company that brings 2 men and 1 truck for 8 hours, versus a company that brings 2 trucks and 4 men for 10 hours is like comparing apples to oranges.  Stick to comparing apples to apples.  Compare prices over how many people they’re bringing along, how many trucks they’re going to use, and how long the move will take.  Keep in mind just how many people you think your move is going to need, and try not to overshoot- stick with the most reasonable option possible.


2. Don’t Forget To Receive A Quote In Writing

When receiving a quote, it’s perfectly acceptable to do so over the phone, or any other form of meeting.  But make sure you’ve received an estimate over email, or another form of writing, by the end of your meeting.  Keeping track of your estimates, as well as being able to compare final dollar amounts, will help you significantly.


3. Be Sure Your Quote Isn’t Missing Any Info

It’s pretty easy to single-out the price among all other information on your written quote, but be mindful and have a keen eye.  You should make sure every detail of your move is included on your quote, to assure you’re looking at the final price.  If a detail of your move is missing from your quote, you could see the final price jump on moving day.  SO make sure everything is accounted for on each of your quotes.

Keep these tips in mind when comparing the quotes provided by various movers, and choosing the right mover for you will prove to be a much less stressful process!

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