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Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Portland Movers

Moving is a big decision, and takes a lot of time, effort, and planning.  So when planning a move, it’s crucial you properly prepare for every step necessary in your move to avoid issues, especially when choosing the right movers.  There are very common mistakes that can be made during the process of hiring a mover, and avoiding these mistakes when hiring movers will ensure a much smoother moving process through and through.


1: Not Receiving An Estimate In Writing

Regardless of the size of your move, you should always get an estimate from the movers you’re looking into, in writing.  It can be through email, it can be written down, printed- just ensure you have your estimate in writing.  Confirm that it very clearly lists the cost of your move, every service included in your move, and every service not included in your move.  Paying for something unnecessary is the last thing you need during the moving process, so confirming that your estimate is 100% correct is crucial.


2: Not Providing The Movers A Complete Inventory Of Your Move

In order for a mover to give you an accurate estimate, they will need a complete inventory of what you’re moving, as well as additional services you might need.  Movers can take your inventory over the phone or in person, and with modern technology, enter it into estimating software -or send someone to your home to evaluate the move- for an accurate estimate.  Either way they go about it, be sure your movers are well aware of your inventory for the best results.


3: Choosing The Least Expensive Mover

Shopping for an offered service is way different than shopping for a product.  When shopping for the same (or a similar) product, it’s easy to compare prices between different retailers.  Shopping for movers, however, is not as simple of a comparison.  The level of training each mover is hired with and the professionalism the company brings to the table are just two very important factors in deciding on the best mover.  Choosing the least expensive mover based off an estimate could end up costing more than meets the eye, due to potential hidden fees, or consistent and extensive damage to your belongings.  Always go with the movers you feel most comfortable with, not always the lowest price.


4: Not Asking About Potential Extra Charges

As unfortunate as it can be, some moving companies will keep certain charges to themselves, until you ask them about it directly (which is a red flag, if they do).  You should ask if your estimate includes travel time, insurance, fuel, stairs/elevators, and packing of your boxes (if necessary).  All items should be listed on your written estimate, but if they aren’t, be sure to ask them about it.


5: Not Paying a Deposit For Your Move

You should never pay for a move upfront or pay a large deposit, but a small deposit is a good idea, in order to secure the moving crew and truck for your move.  When a mover takes a deposit, they’ll typically secure a moving crew and however many trucks for you and anyone else who paid a deposit.  This helps the moving company you’re working with properly schedule their trucks to avoid overbooking.  Movers that don’t take deposits typically book more moves than they can handle in a day, knowing ahead of time that some clients might cancel.  This causes them to “overbook” very often, which could leave you without movers on moving day.  Always be sure to secure a mover with a small deposit.

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