Charging Costs & Rates for Portland Movers

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Moving companies’ rates and charges can be a little confusing. What’s being charged? What about hidden charges? This can vary depending on if you’re moving locally or long distance. When moving locally, movers will charge an hourly rate which usually includes all kinds of services. A Truck and 2 movers might cost you $120 per hour. Whereas a truck and 3 movers could be $175, etc. Some, but not all, may charge you for fuel and miscellaneous materials as part of the hourly rate. Others will charge you a flat rate for your move, depending on the amount of work.

There aren’t usually many additional charges in a local move. Since it’s based on an hourly rate, most will be included. But you may be charged additionally for other services, for example, packing materials and carton packing services.Charges may vary slightly. One company could bundle all the costs into one rate, and another one might not; so it could be a good idea to ask the moving company you hire what’s included in their hourly rate.

If you’re moving long distance, you’ll be charged based on the weight of your items, the distance, and other additional charges. Weight and distance and the biggest cost factors, the more either one is, the more they’ll charge you. Since you aren’t being charged on the hourly, other things may end up costing you extra. These things include, packing services, long carries, stair, and elevator charges, shuttle services, and parking permits.

If you would like to read up more information on additional charges, insurance, and storage you can click here for the full article.

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