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Tips For Stress-Free Moving

Moving is a stressful and trying occasion. There are plenty of things to do and get done, it can take you a long time to get everything done that you have to have finished. Much of the time, there are so many things to attend to that you simply end up not having enough time. Take some of the demand off and hire a moving company to assist you pack and move your things for… Read more.

Packing and Moving to a New Home

So you have lived in your home for near 30 some odd years, but now you need to move. Maybe your moving to be closer to your kids so they can help you now that you’re getting older. Maybe it is just time to move out of your giant family home into a smaller low maintenance condo, now that the kids have left the nest. Whatever the reason may be, it is a daunting task… Read more.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Redefyne Moving & Packing Portland provides fast and efficient local movers in Portland, Oregon. Our experienced crews will make your moving day hassle free. Just check out what our customers are saying about us. Arrived On Time, Finished Faster Than…?? The title pretty much says it all. Seriously. They showed up on-time, did everything faster than the estimate, and there were no hidden charges. The cost was only the hourly rate and nothing else, and… Read more.