Best Salem OR Suburbs to Move to in 2022

While you may love Salem OR, you may not want to actually live there. That’s OK, because Salem has a lot of nice suburbs in which to set down roots.

Suburbs boast all of the benefits of being near the big cities, but without all the hustle and bustle, traffic, crowds, high prices and noise. If you’ve decided to move to a Salem OR suburb, we’ve got you covered with this handy guide.

According to HomeSnacks, these are the 10 best suburbs to live in near Salem for 2022:

1.  Sublimity

This suburb always gets top billing as one of the best suburbs in the Salem region. This is a rich area, as evidenced by the average $80,000 salary per year – the fourth highest in Salem. The unemployment rate is low, at 1.46%, and the poverty rate is 4.3%. Average home prices are hovering around $340,000. Population is 2,794.

2.     Millersburg

This is considered the second best suburb in Salem for 2022, so ranked for its high incomes and the fact that less than four percent of residents don’t have insurance. Population is 2,234, the
median income is $101,500, the unemployment rate is 4.6% and the poverty rate is 4.2%.

3.  Turner

Turner is a very safe community, and the residents make good money ($84,130 average salary) – probably the highest incomes you’ll find in the Salem metro area. However, the downside is that the schools are overcrowded, and the cost of living is high, making this suburb unattainable to many families.

The population is 2,034, the unemployment rate is 2.5% the poverty rate is 4.4%.

4.  Dundee

Dundee is a great place to raise kids, as evidenced by some of the best schools around. Population is just 3,296, the median income is $82,000, the unemployment rate is 4.4%, and the poverty rate is 3.9%.

5.  Wilsonville

Wilsonville has the most expensive homes in Salem. In fact, houses here sell at an average price of $442,000. But the cost of living mimics those high prices, again putting this suburb out of reach for many families.

The population is 24,400, the median income is $72,500, the unemployment rate is 4.7%, and the poverty rate is 9.1%.


6.  Newberg

The jobs are plentiful in Newberg, translating to an unemployment rate of under three percent. It’s one of the more affluent suburbs in Salem, with a population of 23,670, median income of $75,200 and a poverty rate of 9.5%.

7.  Canby

Canby schools are some of the region’s best, paired with a low crime rate. The cost of living is not too high, attracting a wide range of buyers, especially first-time home buyers. It’s only about 28 miles to downtown, with a population of 17,860, median income of $74,800, unemployment rate of 2.5% and poverty rate of 9.4%.

8.     Molalla

Molalla is a fast-growing suburb, with a below-average crime rate and many gainfully-employed residents. The cost of living is reasonable, but 4.73% of people here don’t have insurance. It’s got a population of 9,224, median income of $68,590, unemployment rate of nearly six percent, and a poverty rate of nearly 11 percent.

9.  Lafayette

It’s very costly to live in Lafayette but the schools are top-notch so there’s a trade-off. It’s got a low population of just about 4,222, a median income of $77,662 and an unemployment rate of just 1.1. However, the poverty rate is high at 11.6%.

10.  Silverton

This city ranks well above average in all categories, plus it’s more affordable than the nine that come before it on this list. With a population of 10,426, Silverton has a median income of $68,350, unemployment rate of six percent, and poverty rate of 8.7%.

Many criteria were considered when coming up with the top 10 best suburbs to live in Salem OR for 2022, such as:

  • Low unemployment rate
  • Population density
  • High median household incomes
  • High home values
  • College-educated people
  • Low poverty rates
  • High rates of insured families
  • Location within 30 miles of Salem
  • Populations over 2,000

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