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Bad Cleaning Habits to Break

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, people often try to take the easy way out — especially when it comes to cleaning. Our Portland local movers understand how mundane these tasks can be, but we trust the old adage: “The lazy man works twice as hard.” If you struggle with cleaning and want to know the best ways to break bad habits, we’re here to help. It is time to start breaking bad cleaning habits and have a cleaner home for the holidays.

The Worst Cleaning Habits to Break

No one is perfect when it comes to cleaning, but there are a few bad habits you can break to make your home sparkle. Our Oregon moving company has put together the perfect guide to break bad habits and keep your home spotless.

Watch out for the Paper Avalanche

Although we have reached a point in the world where the norm is to go paperless, our mail still ends up cluttering kitchen counters, junk drawers, and coffee tables. Find a designated spot to organize magazines, newspapers, and mail near a recycling bin. We recommend going through your mail pile at least once a week. This can help keep the mountain of papers from avalanching.

Cleaning with Dirty Appliances and Tools

Staying on top of the appliances used to clean and ensuring they stay up to snuff is imperative. If your dishwasher has a bad smell due to built-up bacteria, there is a good chance your dishes will not only be unsanitary, but they’ll contract that same smell. The same advice goes for your washer and dryer…no one wants smelly clothes! Take the time to properly sanitize your tools and clean out the unwanted dust from your vacuum cleaner and other appliances after each use.

The Laundry Can’t Wait

One bad habit to break that most homes struggle with is laundry. We tend to put it off until the pile of dirty clothes has become unmanageable. Our Portland movers find that when you break down your loads into smaller ones, it is much less intimidating. Break the bad habit of leaving clothes piled up on that one designated surface — yes, we all have that area filled with bunched-up clothes.

Leaving the Bed Unmade

This should be the first bad habit to break when it comes to keeping your home tidy. Such a simple task can make all the difference in your bedroom looking spotless. It takes no more than two minutes to complete this task and can motivate you to maintain a cleaner room. The moment you wake up, it should be the first thing done. This can also help you feel more inspired to stay out of bed during the day.

Wearing Your Shoes Indoor

Wearing your shoes indoors can bring in an abundance of dirt unseen until cleaning day. Taking the time to designate a particular spot in your home can help keep all the unwanted dirt outdoors. Especially if you have young children that love to play outside, it is important to break bad habits at a young age.

At Redefyne Moving we understand how difficult it can be to break bad habits. Our Portland long-distance movers find that if you take the extra couple of minutes to complete some of these tasks, your home will feel cleaner. We believe that everyone has at least 20 minutes of spare time, so if you need some inspiration, set a timer and try to break bad habits by adhering to some of the advice in this guide.

If you are moving or need a storage unit, call one of our representatives today for a free quote. Our licensed professional movers in Portland are here to help take the stress away that comes from moving. So let us do all the heavy lifting while you take the extra time to ensure your home is spotless in time for the holidays.

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