8 Questions to Ask Your Mover in Texas Before You Commit

You may think you know the right questions to ask when interviewing potential movers in Texas, but you may be missing some critical queries. Failing to ask the right things could put you in a pickle later. That’s why you should keep reading these essential questions to ask your Texas mover.

1.  Are You Licensed Through the FMCSA?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates commercial vehicle operations that guarantee the safety of consumers and companies. While FMCSA accreditation won’t necessarily guarantee that your chosen mover will provide fair prices or exceptional service, it will show that the company isn’t a scam.

Don’t just take their word for it over the phone. Check their website or make the appropriate calls.

For us here at Redefyne, you’ll find all the licensing info you need right on our website:

Licensed & Insured: ODOT#160087, WAUTC#HG067284, USDOT#2317313, MC#860157, TxDMV No. 009122270C

2.  What Coverage Options Do You Offer?

Moving insurance coverage is designed to cover a portion of the cost of your items if they are damaged or go missing while in transit.

All moving companies must provide basic liability coverage for free, which usually insures your items for $0.30 a pound for intrastate moves and $0.60 a pound for interstate moves, according to

You can opt to pay extra for full-value protection (FVP), which would cover an item completely so you could replace or repair it. But you have to pay out of pocket for this. Not every mover offers it, though, so be sure to ask.

3.     Are You a Full-Service Company?

Not all movers offer the same things. Some just offer residential moves and are pretty straightforward. Others offer a variety of complementary services, such as moving, storage, packing and unpacking, antique moving, piano moving, custom crating, furniture assembly/disassembly, junk removal and cleaning services.

Don’t assume your chosen mover will offer what you need. Always ask.

4.  Do You Offer Binding Estimates?

Some moving companies will eagerly throw out a price quote just to secure your business. You may be attracted to that company because the rate is so low. But if you got this quote over the phone or online sight unseen, it’s probably not accurate.

Unless you are given a binding estimate, the company may increase that price later – like on Moving Day. At this point, you’re in a bind and will feel as though you have no chance but to fork it over. This is what many sub-par moving companies are counting on.

Only consider movers that offer binding estimates after an in-person visit to your home, which states the price won’t increase after that quote is given.

5.  Do You Have Any Hidden Fees?

Hidden fees can be buried under lots of legal-speak peppered throughout your contract. They may be misrepresented or undisclosed beforehand, then they pop up on your final bill. Don’t assume you will get a straight answer from the mover when you call. After all, they’re “hidden” for a reason.

Read online reviews and you’ll soon find out if the company has a reputation for surprising people with hidden fees at the last minute.

6.  How Do You Calculate Your Prices?

Most moving companies charge customers based on these factors:

  • Shipment weight
  • Shipment distance
  • Season
  • Hourly labor rates

They may also add in charges for fuel and specialty services. Some companies offer price matching in order to earn your business. It can’t hurt to ask.

7.  Do You Background Check Your Employees?

When you move, strangers enter your home, pick up your stuff, and haul it away on a truck. This is a very personal and risky endeavor. Hiring the wrong person could end in disaster. They could take off with your shipment and hold it hostage, for instance. A company that background checks its employees may offer you a bit of peace of mind, although it’s not a guarantee.

8.  Do You Guarantee Delivery Dates?

You should receive an estimated time of arrival from the moving company, but if those dates aren’t guaranteed, they’re just that – estimates. This means they could show up late and they don’t owe you anything. If you don’t get the delivery dates in writing, with concrete departure and arrival times, it is not a guaranteed delivery date.

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8 Questions to Ask Your Mover in Texas Before You Commit

8 Questions to Ask Your Mover in Texas Before You Commit

You may think you know the right questions to ask when interviewing potential movers in Texas, but you may be missing some critical queries. Failing to ask the right...