5 Tips For Making Moving Easier

Moving is a headache, there’s no other way around it. You are never ready for it when the time comes and you’re constantly worrying that you left something behind or are struggling to find that one thing that seemed to have gotten lost somewhere in the mix. Here are a few tips to help you get ahead of the moving day madness so you can transition smoothly from one abode to another.


1)      Don’t Procrastinate!!

The golden rule when it comes to moving and the one all too often violated. People not giving themselves enough time to get organized and packed up. I know, it’s a process and one that takes time but if you don’t plan accordingly and make baby steps towards the big day then it will sneak up on you with a vengence. Here is a moving timeline you can use to keep yourself on track so you don’t have to worry about packing everything up and then realizing that you still need something.

·         8 Weeks Out: Start researching and vetting moving companies. Get at least two quotes.

·         6 Weeks Out: Start going through drawers, cabinets and closets to identify things you want to donate, give away or sell. Be sure to consider the layout of your new home and whether you will need to sell or buy anything to fit into the new space.

·         4 Weeks Out: Get moving boxes and materials. It’s a good rule of thumb to get more than you think you need. Chances are you will need it (the eye can be deceiving). Start packing!

·         3 Weeks Out: Schedule moving help. Be sure to give friends and family a good few weeks to prep and confirm to help with your move. There’s nothing worse than being that one person who is calling frantically trying to find someone to help them move everything that day.

·         2 Weeks Out: Schedule a thorough house cleaning.

·         1 Week Out: Confirm your plans with the moving company and anyone else who is coming to help. Also, go to your new home and map out where everything will go in the kitchen & living room. These areas will need to be clear to use as a staging area and to move things around the rest of the house. It’s easier to unpack when you know where you want everything to go.

·         1 Day: Deliver essentials such as toilet paper, hand soap, garbage cans & bags, shower curtains & toiletries to your new home. Also, take over any valuables such as jewelry, artwork, and important documents.

2)      Purge before Packing

Clearing out all the clutter gives you a chance to start fresh. As an added bonus the more you donate, sell or throw away the less you will have to pack and move.

3)      Color Code & Pack by Room

Scribbling chicken scratch on boxes with a Sharpie is so outdated. Get with the times and go buy yourself a bunch of colored stickers that you can just slap on the top and sides in a flash. Setup a color coding system (your memory may get a little foggy) and make sure that only things from that room go in the boxes with its assigned colored sticker. Now you know where everything should be without even opening up a single box.

4)      Labels Are Your Friend

When it comes to important documents or household items such as “Entertainment Center Hardware & Cables” or “Computer & Wi-Fi Essentials” be sure to label them clearly so they can be found without any hassle. There’s nothing worse than having half of what you need in front of you and the rest lost somewhere in an abyss of boxes.

5)      Keep it Going

Now that you’re all organized and moved in this is a great opportunity to keep the trend going. A new home means a fresh start so a great way to stay organized is to have everything organized in various labeled totes and boxes.

Moving doesn’t have to be a daunting nightmare of an experience. With a little bit of planning and foresight moving can be a very productive and beneficial process. Just be sure to get a jump on it. And of course if you would rather just have someone else come in and do all the work, we offer Packing & Moving services to the entire Portland Metro area.  You can check out our rates here. And find more moving tips here.